Rubio, Shaheen Lead Bipartisan, Bicameral Bill Banning TSP Board from Steering Federal Retirement Savings to China

NOV 06 2019 2019年11月6日

Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) today led a group of lawmakers in introducing the bipartisan, bicameral Taxpayers and Savers Protection (TSP) Act, which would prevent the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (FRTIB) from steering federal retirement savings to China. Senators Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Mitt Romney (R-UT), Josh Hawley (R-MO), Rick Scott (R-FL), and Mike Braun (R-IN) joined Rubio and Shaheen in introducing the bill, and U.S. Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) will be introducing the companion bill in the House.

華盛頓特區——美國參議員馬可.盧比奧(Marco Rubio,共和黨-佛羅里達州)和珍妮.沙欣(Jeanne Shaheen,民主黨-新罕布爾州)今天率領立法者小組介紹了两黨两院《納稅人及儲蓄者保護法案》(TSP),該法案將防止聯邦退休儲蓄投資委員會(FRTIB)將聯邦退休儲蓄投給中國。參議員Kirsten Gillibrand (民主黨-紐約州), Mitt Romney (共和黨-猶他州), 霍利(Josh Hawley,共和黨-密蘇里州), Rick Scott (共和黨-佛羅里達州), 和Mike Braun (共和黨-)將與盧比奧和沙欣一起介紹該法案,美國眾議員Mark Meadows (共和黨-北卡州)將在眾議院介紹相關法案。

The TSP Act would conditionally ban the investment of Thrift Savings Plan funds in securities listed on mainland Chinese exchanges. In particular, it would prohibit investment in issuers listed on foreign securities exchanges where America’s Public Company Accounting and Oversight Board (PCAOB) has not issued an audit inspection and where the PCAOB is prevented from conducting such inspections.


The TSP Act would stop the FRTIB from moving forward with a short-sighted decision to shift the Thrift Savings Plan’s International Fund Index to the MSCI All Country World ex-U.S. Investable Market Index that includes Chinese companies under U.S. sanctions and U.S. export bans. The FRTIB currently plans next year to begin investing the retirement assets of federal government employees, including members of the U.S. Armed Forces, in opaque Chinese firms engaged in human rights abuses and a wide range of military-related activities, effectively funding the Chinese government and Communist Party’s efforts to undermine U.S. economic and national security. The move would also place federal savers and their beneficiaries at risk by directing their savings into Chinese firms that fail to live up to the accounting and financial disclosure levels that are standard in developed markets.

TSP法案將阻止聯邦退休儲蓄投資委員會(FRTIB)做出短視的決定,將儲蓄計劃的國家基金指數(International Fund Index)轉換為摩根士丹利資本國際(MSCI)除美國之外的所有國家的可投資指數,其中包括受到美國制裁以及美國發出出口禁令的中國公司。目前,FRTIB 計劃明年開始把聯邦政府僱員,包括美國武裝部隊的退休資產,投到暗地裡從事人權和有著廣泛軍事活動的中國公司,對中國政府和共產黨的有效資助將會削弱美國經濟,危及國家安全。此舉還將通過把聯邦儲蓄者及其受益的儲蓄直接存進會計和財務水平均未達到成熟市場標準的中國企業,從而將他們置於風險之中。

“Today makes clear that a bipartisan, bicameral coalition in Congress will not sit on the sidelines and allow the TSP Board to funnel the federal retirement savings of U.S. service members and federal employees to the Chinese Communist Party,” Rubio said. “America’s investors should never be a source of wealth funding Beijing’s rise at the expense of our nation’s future prosperity, and the TSP Board should not force U.S. service members and federal employees to unwittingly undermine the American national security interests that they work hard every day to protect.”

“我們今天要明確一件事,國會的兩黨兩院都不能袖手旁觀,坐視TSP委員會把美國軍人和聯邦僱員的聯邦退休儲蓄存給中國共產黨,” 盧比奧說:“美國投資者將永遠不應成為北京崛起的財政來源,這是以犧牲我們國家未來的繁榮為代價的,TSP委員會也不該在美國軍人和聯邦僱員不知情的情況下,強迫他們做出損害美國國家安全利益的事,他們每天都在努力維護著國家安全。”

“It is unacceptable that the hard-earned savings of our U.S. service members and public servants could be invested without their knowledge in Chinese companies that undermine the very strategic national interests they’re sworn to protect. If the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board is going to drag its feet on reversing the decision that would allow this dangerous policy to go into effect, then Congress must act,” Shaheen said. “This isn’t complicated – investments of our federal workers and armed forces should not fund companies that could help the Chinese government carry out nefarious attacks, from spying on U.S. citizens to committing gross human rights abuses.”


“Hardworking Americans should not be forced to give a cent of their retirement savings to foreign adversaries’ firms that may be complicit in activities that harm our national security,” Gillibrand said. “Our federal and military employees should know that their savings are being invested responsibly. That’s why I’m proud to support the Taxpayers and Savers Protection Act, which would ban the investment of thrift savings funds of our service members and federal workers in Chinese companies that may defy American oversight rules. I urge my colleagues to support this legislation to protect Americans’ retirement savings.”

“勤勞的美國人不應該被迫把他們退休儲蓄一分一分地存給那些可能串通一氣危害我們國家安全的敵對外國公司,” Gillibrand說。“我們的聯邦僱員和軍人應該知道,對他們儲蓄的投資是負責任的。這就是我為支持《納稅人與儲蓄者保護法案》而自豪的原因,該法案將會禁止我們軍人和僱員的儲蓄基金投資於可能違反美國監管規則的中國公司。我敦促同僚們支持這項保護美國人退休儲蓄的法案。”

“Deliberately choosing to invest the retirement savings of hardworking Americans in state-owned and state-directed firms in China effectively funds the Communist Party’s efforts to undermine our economic and national security,” Romney said. “Congress must act now to prevent the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board from steering the retirement savings of our federal employees and military members into the hands of China’s Communist Party.”

“故意選擇把勤勞的美國人的退休儲蓄投資到中國的國有或國家直屬公司,實際上是為共產黨破壞我們的經濟和國家安全的行動提供資金,” Romney說。“國會現在必須採取行動,阻止FRTIB把我們聯邦僱員和軍人的退休儲蓄轉移到中國共產黨手裡。”

“This bipartisan legislation ensures that our servicemembers’ retirement savings will not flow to companies with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party,” Hawley said. “The U.S. government has no business pursuing an investment strategy that undermines our national security and underwrites the Chinese military.”


“There’s absolutely no reason we should be using U.S. taxpayer dollars to prop up companies under the control of Communist China, which continues to steal our technology, abuse human rights and build up its military to compete with us,” Scott said. “We have to take a stand against Communist China, and I’m proud to co-sponsor the Taxpayers and Savers Protection (TSP) Act to protect the retirement savings of federal employees from investments tied to China. No one should be doing business with Communist China, and the TSP Act is a logical step.”

“我們絕對沒有理由用美國納稅人的錢來支持中國共產黨控制下的公司,中國還在繼續竊取我們的技術,踐踏人權,並在構建與我們抗衡的軍事力量,” Scott說。“我們必須反對共產中國,我很自豪能與大家共同發起《納稅人與儲蓄者保護法案》(TSP),保護聯邦僱員的退休儲蓄不受中國投資的影響。任何人都不該與共產中國做生意,TSP法案邁出了合乎邏輯的一步。”

“Our country should never send taxpayers’ hard-earned retirement dollars to effectively fund companies in communist China,” Meadows said. “The TSP Act is a common sense initiative to reverse a misguided decision to invest billions in federal retirement dollars in Chinese companies in 2020. I am proud to support it and encourage my colleagues to join this initiative. This bill protects American citizens from risky retirement investments at odds with our national security interests and demonstrates our government’s willingness to stand up to a regime that actively undermines human rights. Federal retirement funds must never be invested in a way that threatens the very economic and national security millions of current and future retirees devoted their careers to protect.”

“我們的國家擁有不該把納稅人辛苦攢下來的退休資金用於資助共產中國的公司,” Meadows說。“ TSP反是一項常識性舉措,目的是扭轉2020年投資數十億聯邦退休基金給中國企業的錯誤決定。我很自豪能夠支持它並鼓勵我的同僚們一同加入這一倡議。這項法案避免美國公民涉及與我們國家安全利益相抵觸的高風險退休投資,並表明我國政府願意與一個主動破壞人權的政權抗爭。決不能把聯邦退休基金投資給對數百萬當前和未來退休人員經濟與國家安全造成威脅的地方。”




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