Collapse of Hong Kong 香港淪陷

Hello, this is your host Michael from Gnews Current Affairs. The latest video released online showed that a 12-year girl was subdued by a group of HK riot police on Xiyangcai South Street in broad daylight. She was viciously wrestled onto the ground, kicked and pinned by several police officers who apprehended her. Hong Kong, the previous harbor of freedom, has become a city of terror after the Chinese Communist Party passed their national security law.


CCP’s Genocide towards Mongols 中共對蒙古人的種族滅絕

Now turning to mainland China, no surprise, the CCP continues to enforce its illegitimate rule. The regime has forcibly implemented an education reform in Inner Mongolia which required students in schools to be taught in Mandarin exclusively, however, the public do not agree. After weeks of peaceful demonstrations, the CCP continues its suppression and escalates its actions for the crackdown. If the international community continues to tolerate, appease and compromise this regime, the Mongolians will encounter the fate of genocide.


The Expose of Covid-19 新冠病毒真相曝光

Now, turning our focus to the global pandemic. Breaking news, Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s first scientific report was just released, which states that COVID-19 was created from a government lab in Wuhan. Please visit the full investigative reports on for details. To no surprise, Gnews has already published an article titled “a Brief Summary of Evidence of Lab-Made 2019 nCoV”, back in Jan 25th with over 55,000 views so far. Furthermore, Lude Media published the world’s first mention of the COVID-19 as a bio-weapon unleashed by the Chinese Communist Party on January 19th. Last but not least, the article titled “Miles Guo reveals CCP’s biochemical war plan” traced back his warning to the whole world in a press conference three years ago at Hudson Institute. That’s all for today’s news, we are the Gnews Current Affairs team, stay tuned, stay healthy. We’ll see you soon.


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9月 19日