WASHINGTON – Today, the Republican Study Committee (RSC) – the largest caucus of conservatives in the House of Representatives – released The RSC National Security Strategy: Strengthening America & Countering Global Threats (click here to view the full proposal). Spearheaded by RSC Chairman Mike Johnson (LA-04) and RSC National Security & Foreign Affairs Task Force Chairman Joe Wilson (SC-02), the proposal is a conservative, solutions-oriented plan for preserving American leadership around the globe and promoting a U.S. foreign policy that advances the interests of the American people at home and abroad. 

今天,眾議院共和黨保守黨最大的核心小組,共和黨研究委員會(RSC)發佈了名為《RSC國家安全戰略報告:加強美國實力與應對全球威脅》的提案。該項保守的,以解決方案為導向的提案是由RSC主席Mike Johnson(LA-04)和RSC國家安全與外交事務工作組主席Joe Wilson(SC-02)牽頭,旨在維護美國在全球的領導地位並促進美國外交政策的發展,提升海內外美國人民利益。

The product of over 1.5 years of policy development, The RSC National Security Strategy offers over 130 solutions to counter America’s most aggressive global adversaries, including the TOUGHEST SANCTIONS EVER PROPOSED by Congress against the Chinese Communist Party, Russia and the Putin regime, and Iran. The proposal also includes commonsense, result-oriented reforms to counter authoritarian influence within the United Nations (U.N.), ensure U.S. foreign aid is working to promote American interests and values, and modernize U.S. diplomacy and the State Department. 

歷經一年半的政策制定,RSC國家安全戰略提供了超過130多種解決方案,以對抗美國最激進的全球對手,包括國會制定的史上最嚴厲的,針對中國共產黨,俄羅斯及普京政權和伊朗的制裁 。該提案還包括常識性的,以結果為導向的改革,旨在對抗聯合國內部遭受的獨裁影響,確保美國的外國援助促進美國的利益和價值,促進美國外交和國務院的現代化發展。

To view a detailed summary of The RSC National Security, click here or scroll to the bottom of the page. 


“With the release of the RSC National Security Strategy, conservatives are making crystal clear to both our allies and adversaries that we are committed to standing for America’s core principles of liberty, human rights, free markets and maintaining peace through strength, and against authoritarianism and aggression,” Johnson said. “It’s time for America to fully reclaim its role as the greatest force for good the world has ever known. Undoing the damage inflicted by eight years of failed policies under President Obama isn’t easy but it is straightforward. Congress must follow President Trump’s lead and advance a foreign policy that embraces the things that make us great – our leadership, and, most importantly, our values. With this plan, we have delivered a smart and effective blueprint for accomplishing those objectives.”

“隨著《RSC國家安全戰略》報告的發佈,保守派向我們的盟友和對手發出明確的信號,即我們致力於維護美國的核心價值觀:自由,人權和自由市場;我們通過實力維護和平;我們反對專制主義和侵略。”  詹森表示。 “美國曾經代表了世界上最偉大的正義力量,現在是時候重塑這個地位了。消除奧巴馬總統執政八年來失敗政策帶來的損害並不容易,但我們會堅定的做下去。國會必須遵從川普總統的領導,並推進我們的外交政策,一個可以體現美國領導力,更重要的是,體現美國價值觀的,讓美國變得更偉大的外交政策。通過該計畫,我們已為實現這些目標提供了一個明智而有效的藍圖。”

“As Chairman of the Republican Study Committee National Security and Foreign Affairs Task Force, I have worked for over a year meeting with top experts on foreign affairs for focused conservative solutions to the frustrating foreign policy challenges in the world. I am grateful that this effort has led to our package of over 130 policy proposals for Congress, tackling many important issues,” Wilson said.  “President Donald Trump has restored American credibility in the world after eight years of weakness and withdrawal during the Obama Administration which coddled dictators and abandoned our allies. In the past year, I’ve visited with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, and with officials in London and Washington. I have seen firsthand appreciation of President Donald Trump’s success promoting our alliances. American leadership is needed now, more than ever. The U.S.-led order based in freedom, human rights, and rule of law is at risk from China, Russia, Iran, and others. This package of tough but targeted proposals would impose the toughest sanctions on the Chinese Communist Party, Russia, and Iran in history and reassert Congress’ role in foreign policy. I look forward to continuing to work to push these vital initiatives to support President Trump’s efforts to keep our country safe and strong.”

“作為RSC國家安全與外交事務工作組的主席,我與外交事務高級專家合作了一年有餘,面對當今世界令人沮喪的外交政策挑戰,聚焦提供謹慎的解決方案。我很感激我們的努力促成了這包含130多項政策的國會提案,以應對許多重要問題。”  威爾遜表示。“忍受了奧巴馬政府歷時八年的軟弱、退縮、對獨裁者的縱容和對我們同盟的拋棄,川普總統已經恢復了美國在國際社會的信譽。在過去的一年中,我到耶路撒冷拜訪了以色列總理內塔尼亞胡,到德里拜訪了印度總理莫迪,在倫敦和華盛頓拜訪了一些官員。我親眼目睹了川普總統在促進我們與盟友加強關係方面的成功。世界比以往任何時候都更需要美國的領導。以美國引導的基於自由,人權和法治的價值觀和國際秩序正受到來自中國、俄羅斯、伊朗等其他國家的威脅。這一系列強硬但有針對性的提案將對中國共產黨,俄羅斯和伊朗施加歷史上最嚴厲的制裁,並重申國會在外交政策中的作用。我期待與相關人員繼續合作,推進這些重要決議的執行,支援川普總統為保護國家的強大和安全所做出的努力。


The RSC National Security Strategy:

Strengthening America & Countering Global Threats




Communist China: A New Strategy for Countering America’s Top Threat


  • Preserving American leadership: The strategy stands up to the Chinese Communist Party’s attempts to reorient today’s world order to one based in authoritarianism by standing strongly for American values of freedom, democracy, human rights, the rule of law, and open markets.
  • 維護美國的領導地位:該戰略用於應對中國共產黨基於獨裁統治的重塑世界秩序的企圖,堅決維護美國自由,民主,人權,法治和開放市場的價值觀
  • A tough but targeted approach to China: The strategy offers the toughest package of sanctions ever proposed by Congress on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It would specifically sanction the entire United Front Work Department and senior CCP leaders, including members of the Politburo for their malign influence campaigns, internment of Uyghurs, and assault on Hong Kong. The strategy proposes targeted measures rather than broad-based tariffs that may hurt the U.S. economy.
  • 強硬但有針對性的方法:該戰略提供了美國國會有史以來對中國共產黨(CCP)提出的最嚴厲的制裁方案。它將特別制裁所有的中共統戰部門和高層領導人,包括惡意影響香港運動、拘押維吾爾族人、攻擊香港的中共中央政治局成員。該戰略對特定人群採取特定措施,而沒有採用可能會損害美國經濟的加征關稅的方法。
  • A multifaceted strategy to protect American innovation and ideas: The strategy would enhance U.S. laws safeguarding American intellectual property (IP), modernize the Foreign Asset Registration Act (FARA), block Chinese propaganda efforts, and ensure a whole-of-government effort to stop the transfer of critical technology to China.
  • 保護美國創新與理念的多層戰略:該戰略將增強立法保護美國智慧財產權(IP),使《外國資產註冊法》(FARA)更加現代化,阻止中國在美的鼓吹和宣傳,並確保整個政府通力協作,阻止關鍵技術向中國轉移。
  • Bold free trade expansion around the world: The strategy proposes bilateral free trade agreements with democratic partners facing increasing threat or malign influence from China, including Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Brazil, Kenya, and others. 
  • 全球自由貿易的大膽擴張:該戰略提出與包括臺灣,印尼,菲律賓,印度,巴西,肯亞等國家在內的民主盟友簽訂雙邊自由貿易協定,以面對日益增加的來自中國的威脅和惡性影響。

Russia: Rolling Back Aggression Through a Strategy of Deterrence


  • Stopping Putin’s aggression: The strategy offers the toughest package of sanctions on Russia ever proposed by Congress, including secondary sanctions on Russian oil and gas projects, sanctions on Russian sovereign debt, sanctions on Russian proxies in other countries, and designating Russia as a State Sponsor of Terrorism.
  • 制止普京的侵略:該戰略提供了美國國會有史以來對俄羅斯提出的最嚴厲的制裁措施,包括對俄羅斯石油和天然氣項目的二次制裁,對俄羅斯主權債務的制裁,對俄羅斯在其他國家代理人的制裁以及將俄羅斯劃定為支持恐怖主義國家。
  • Communicate with the Russian people: The strategy would call for the creation of a strategy to communicate directly to the Russian people and support their aspirations for democracy and human rights. 
  • 與俄羅斯民眾溝通:該戰略要求制定與俄羅斯民眾直接交流,並支持他們追求民主和人權的策略。

Advancing American Interests in the Middle East: Confronting Iran & the Jihadi Terrorist




  • Enhancing the President’s maximum pressure campaign on Iran: The strategy proposes the toughest sanctions on Iran ever proposed by Congress. It codifies many of the President’s successful efforts into law, blocks additional sectors of Iran’s economy, and sanctions Iran’s regional proxies, including its militias in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, the Assad regime in Syria, as well as Hezbollah in Lebanon.
  • 持續增強總統對伊朗最大限度的施壓行動:該戰略提出了有史以來美國國會對伊朗實施的最嚴厲制裁。它將總統許多成功的努力編纂為法律,封鎖伊朗的其他經濟部門,並制裁伊朗的區域代理人,包括其在伊拉克、敘利亞和葉門的民兵,敘利亞的阿薩德政權以及黎巴嫩的真主党。
  • Deplete the resources of Iranian proxies: The strategy would prevent U.S. taxpayer dollars from funding Iran’s proxies in Lebanon and Iraq by ending aid to the Lebanese Armed Forces and the Iraqi Ministry of Interior.
  • 耗盡伊朗代理人的資源:該策略將通過終止援助黎巴嫩武裝部隊和伊拉克內政部,阻止將美國納稅人的資金用於資助伊朗在黎巴嫩和伊朗的代理人。
  • A new clear authorization to pursue terrorist groups: The strategy pushes back against House Democrats’ efforts to limit the President’s war powers by offering for consideration a new AUMF that would allow the President to go after any State Department designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations.
  • 一項用於追捕恐怖組織的全新和明確授權:該戰略通過提供一個新的《軍事武力使用授權書》(AUMF)來允許總統對國務院指定的外國恐怖主義組織採取行動,從而抵制眾議院民主黨限制總統戰爭權力的行動。
  • Directly confronting the Salafi-jihadi ideological movement: The strategy would prevent the creation of Salafi-jihadi safe havens and cut off financing and state support for associated groups. It would codify President Trump’s efforts to deplete terrorist’s resources and designate additional terrorist organizations.
  • 直接對抗薩拉菲聖戰思想運動組織:該戰略將阻止薩拉菲聖戰組織建立安全港,並切斷對其相關組織的資金資助和國家支援。這將把川普總統為耗盡恐怖分子資源並劃定額外恐怖組織的努力編纂為法律。

Maintaining an International Order Based on American Values


  • Elevating human rights and democracy: The strategy would elevate these values in American foreign policy by strengthening human rights sanctions and codifying the Ministerial on Religious Freedom. It would support Secretary Pompeo’s Commission on Unalienable Rights and reject attempts by international organizations to redefine human rights and curtail economic and religious liberties.
  • 提升人權與民主:該戰略將通過加強人權制裁和編纂部長級宗教自由法律來提升美國外交政策中的價值觀。這將支持國務卿蓬佩奧的不可剝奪權利委員會,並拒絕國際組織要求重新定義人權並削減經濟和宗教自由的企圖。
  • Competing to win at the U.N. and other multilateral organizations: The strategy would counter China and Russia’s efforts to control international bodies. It would also urge Congress to support President Trump’s efforts to withdraw from irreparable organizations and replace them with new mechanisms of multilateral cooperation with democratic countries.
  • 參與在聯合國及其他多邊國際組織中的競爭並取勝:該戰略旨在對抗中國和俄羅斯試圖控制國際機構的企圖。它還將敦促國會支援川普總統退出不可救藥的國際組織的努力,並採用與民主國家多邊合作的新的機制取代它們。
  • Promoting accountability at the U.N.: The strategy would mandate that U.S. Ambassadors meet annually with their host governments to discuss that country’s voting record at the U.N. It would also audit the use of U.S. funding by the U.N. and condition funding to U.N. bodies on implementation of accountability reforms. The U.N. must cut off assistance to dictatorships such as humanitarian aid that is being diverted to the Assad regime in Syria.
  • 完善聯合國的問責制:該戰略將要求美國大使與東道國政府舉行年度會議,討論該國在聯合國的投票記錄。它還將審計聯合國對美國資金的使用情況,審計有條件資金在聯合國機構問責制改革中的使用情況。聯合國必須切斷對獨裁政權的援助,例如將人道主義援助轉移到敘利亞的阿薩德政權。

Results-Oriented Approach to Foreign Aid and International Diplomacy


  • Aligning U.S. foreign aid with U.S. foreign policy: The strategy would help assistance reach more people while better advancing our international interests. It supports replacing the Foreign Assistance Act with new legislation reducing legislative directives for foreign assistance, placing the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) inside the Department of State, and empowering Ambassadors to have a stronger role in administering foreign aid.
  • 促使美國的對外援助與美國的外交政策保持一致:該戰略在更好地提升美國國際利益的同時,將幫助和惠及更多民眾。它支持採用旨在減少外國援助立法指示的新的立法取代《外國援助法》,將美國國際開發署(USAID)置於國務院之內,並授權給大使,使其在管理外國援助方面發揮更大作用。
  • Modernizing the Department of State: The strategy would strengthen diplomacy by ensuring the State Department concentrates on its core competencies. It supports replacing the Foreign Service with a new diplomatic corps rooted in merit rather than tenure, as well as eliminating duplicative bureaus and programs, and elevating human rights, democracy, and multilateral affairs.
  • 促進國務院的現代化發展:該戰略將確保國務院專注於其核心競爭力的方式來加強外交實力。它支持用功績而非任期立足的新的外交使團取代國務院外事處,與此同時,剔除重複的機構和專案,並提升人權,民主性和多邊事務能力。
  • Strengthening public diplomacy, international broadcasting, and counter disinformation efforts: The strategy would reconstitute the U.S. Information Agency (USIA) and empower it with U.S. public diplomacy and counter disinformation efforts. The USIA’s mission would be to promote American ideals of democracy, human rights, and open markets, and undermine U.S. adversaries such as China, Russia, Iran, and others. The USIA would be able to contract with private entities to assist in counter-disinformation efforts.
  • 加強公共外交能力,加強在國際上的新聞傳播和制止虛假資訊傳播:該戰略將重構美國新聞署(USIA),並賦予它美國公共外交和制止虛假資訊傳播的權力。美國新聞署的使命在於宣揚美國的民主,人權和市場開放的思想,並削弱美國的對手,例如中國,俄羅斯,伊朗和其他國家。USIA將會與私人實體簽約以協助對抗虛假資訊傳播的工作。




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