Introduction of the Editor’s Picks 编辑精选内容介绍

Hello, this is your host Michael from Gnews Current Affairs. Today I’ll first introduce the Editor’s Picks on our website Since we are dedicated to exposing the truth of China under the Communist Party’s rule, daily reports of the pandemic are located at the top where you could find the latest stories blowing through the Great Firewall to your screen. We have “Updates on the CCP Virus Pandemic” and English dubbed “CCP Virus Pandemic Daily”. Apart from the exclusive content from mainland China, indispensable news of Miles Guo is also placed here.


Editor’s Picks 编辑精选

Miles Guo’s Record-Breaking Song 郭文贵破纪录的歌曲

The latest headline report “The Miracle of Pop Music History” was created after Miles’ debut single ‘Take Down the CCP’. This song soared to the top among nine countries only 3days after its release and seems unstoppable, moving upwards worldwide on iTunes. Miles could always surprise the public with his unprecedented achievements. He explains on his live broadcast on Sep 9th that in response to the light-speed dissemination of his music work, the CCP has deployed online music patrolling police to censor his songs in mainland China. “Xi Jinping worships Stalin, Hitler, and Mao from the bottom of his heart,” says Miles.

最新的报道“流行音乐史上的奇迹”是关于文贵的首张单曲“Take Down the CCP”。发行后仅三天,这首歌就跃升至9个国家/地区的首位,并且貌似势不可挡, 在iTunes全球范围内攀升。文贵总是能以他空前的成就使公众感到惊讶。他在9月9日的直播中解释说,为响应他音乐作品的快速传播,中共已部署了在线音乐巡警来审查他在中国大陆的歌曲。文贵说:“习近平内心深处崇拜斯大林希特勒和毛泽东。”

“The Miracle of Pop Music History” “流行音乐史上的奇迹”
Guo’s live broadcast on Sep 9th 郭文贵9月9日的直播

Cultural Movement: Music First 文化运动:音乐先行

Therefore, initiating a counter communist cultural movement has always been his strategy to tackle Xi’s dictatorship. “Music is only a part of this Cultural Movement, trends in various cultural domains is the way to confront the CCP”, Miles says.Miles’ music producer Tang Ping and her team have initiated a music competition “I am Sing-Ro” on GTV to salute and cheer for the numerous heroes in the Whistleblower Movement. Fellow fighters recompose communist songs or sang in mandarin dialects to relieve the post-communist trauma and preserve the cultural diversity of Chinese ethnicities, even with relentless cyber attacks from CCP. Similar information warfare against Miles and the democratic movement in Hong Kong are presented in the Stanford Report of which Gnews offers both German and English versions. That’s all for today’s news, we are the Gnews Current Affairs team, stay tuned, stay healthy. We’ll see you soon.


Guo talks about Cultural Movement 文贵说文化运动
Music competition “I am Sing-Ro” 音乐比赛“我是音雄”
Stanford Report in English《斯坦福报告》(英语)
Stanford Report in German 《斯坦福报告》(德语)

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