00:20 1.China’s job market is grim, returning overseas students face job hunting
01:53 2.China holds simultaneous military drills in four seas
03:00 3.Pre-arranged Emergency Plan in Guangzhou – Mobile Cabin Hospitals
04:00 4.Leaked Documents Show How the CCP Monitors Chinese with Artificial Intelligence


September 24, Lude’s broadcast: 3 hard drives. Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, Meng Jianzhu made the move – provided 3 hard drives to the DOJ of America, and another copy to Nancy Pelosi. However, with the help from our fellow fighter, these hard drives reached the hands of President Trump.

  • The 1st hard drive: sex tapes & pedo tapes of Hunter Biden, as well as his 4.5 billion dollars secret deal with Xi & Wang;
  • The 2nd hard drive: the allocation of Xi & Wang’s overseas wealth, and ‘the architecture & art project’, which is the information of their illegitimate children;
  • The 3rd hard drive: CCP’s bioweapon.


  1. The social security system of the CCP has been misappropriated, underfunded and has started to suffer serious deficits, the CCP government has begun a propaganda campaign: “Raise your own parents when they are old, not count on the government or the party”. Domestic netizens replied: Your CCP should raise on your own, not count on the people or robbery.
  2. While the CCP said that the domestic grain harvest was great, it increased grain imports and restarted its supply and marketing cooperatives. According to the General Administration of Customs, wheat imports in August increased by 471% from 2019.
  3. The US called the CCP’s Consulate General in New York a spy hub. The CCP’s espionage in the US will soon be exposed.
  4. A large number of home buyers in Xichang, Sichuan Province, raised banners to protest against the unfinished property, and developers ran away with money; in response to massive protests from the public, Xichang City Police Station launched an anti-terrorism and anti-riot exercise.
  5. On September 24, Taiwan exercised missile interception at night to counter the threat of Chinese military aircraft. The CCP is collecting information on domestic residents working or long-term residents in Taiwan.
  6. On September 25, the CCP virus broke out again in Tianjin.
  7. On September 25, the Huawei laboratory in Dongguan, Guangdong, caught fire for no reason.
  8. (Reuters, 9/24) Britain plans to host clinical trials in which volunteers will be deliberately infected with the new coronavirus. The aim is to test whether potential vaccines are effective. That’s according to a report in the UK’s Financial Times Wednesday. It said the so-called challenge trials are expected to start in January at a quarantine facility in London and will be government funded, and it reportedly had no trouble attracting participants with 2,000 people said to have signed up to the trial through one day sooner.
  9. (Liz Yore, 9/24) He’s (Pope Francis) on a slippery slide losing moral authority of the last seven years of his papacy. This deal is going to allow the Chinese Communist Party to ramp up torture and persecution of Christians around China. We’ve seen with our very eyes, the destruction of Catholic churches, the removal of crucifixes and replaced with president Xi’s picture, and yet the Vatican remained silent. Pope Francis was going to make some remarks about what was going on in Hong Kong; he pulled those remarks the last minute. He is losing all the authority with respect to the Catholic church. This is not a theologian, this is a globalist and frankly I believe a Marxist globalist in the chair of Peter.
  10. (9/25) More importantly, I saw some videos and photos of perverted sex, and I couldn’t take it. It made me feel very uncomfortable. I think the world has gone too crazy.  The traditional Chinese culture, be it Taoist, Buddhist, or Christian and Muslim in China, in the end, they are all family-oriented and value benevolence, truthfulness and altruism. The CCP could send their compatriots to foreigners to be toyed for a whole night. Is there any evil they haven’t done yet? They’re the threat against all mankind, brothers and sisters.

Translator: Wenfen; Reviewer: Wencheng

Hong Kong – Lee Kwok-kuen from Pro-democracy camp prompted Hong Kong Police to make Metro Prince Edward Station Attack CCTV footage public for justice, according to Hong Kong Inmedia, September 29.

Derek Chu from the same district (Yau Tsim Mong District Council) says that he cannot trust Hong Kong Police, for the footage has not been made public after a year-long request.

Hong Kong Police Version:

Chris Tang, the incumbent Commissioner of Police, claims that the cause of 831 attack was ”some people in black shirt severely battered passengers in the train”. Police entered the station for law enforcement after 911 report. He also claims that there are still rumors of ”831 deaths” out in public even though there are people at the scene coming to clarify. Citizens should not be fooled by ”fake news and misinformation”, and triggered to commit violence, he says. Multiple councilmen questioned police action that night. Lee points out, many citizens were irritated not only by death rumors but police’s ”unreasonable and overused” violence and excessive way of law enforcement. Lee claims that he was present at the station too, seeing ”too-much violence” from the police to people at the scene, to the extent of lynching.

Chris Tang quibbles, that there have been full of fake and misleading information and news online, aimed to stir up the situation and create an excuse for violence since the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement, like death rumors about the 831 attacks. He reprimands that someone is trying to irritate people and stir up the anti-social emotions with fake news. ”I appeal that young people should not be fooled by fake news and misinformation, then encouraged to commit violence and regret for life.”

Chris Tang’s evasion: footage owned by Hong Kong Metro:

When some councilmen request to make the CCTV footage public, Chis Tang avoids that question, saying the footage belongs to Hong Kong Metro, not Hong Kong Police. He says Police have their actions put in sunlight and ready to check without question. He also claims that if Lee was at the scene that day, he hopes Lee could do a recorded statement to help the investigation. He says he feels unfair to see the councilman ”gets away with (unchecked) speech”.

Chris Tang left the meeting room after his presentation, with councilmen at the democratic camp ranting ”Five demands, not one less! Punish the police and take down Chris Tang!”.


Translator: Wenfen; Reviewer: Wencheng

Beijing – Nationwide ”Special Crackdown Against Organized Crimes” 3rd video conference was held by CCP Supreme Court on September 30 in Beijing, reported by CCP Supreme People’s Court website.

During the meeting, Jiang Wei, vice president and party cell member of Supreme Court points out, ”All levels of court need to learn spirit of Chairman Xi Jinping’s command thoroughly, and fulfill the demands at the 3rd progress meeting of ’Special Crackdown Against Organized Crimes’ completely, sum up trialed and trusted experience by People’s court specific struggle seriously, analyzing current phenomena and tasks deeply, launching ’Six Cleansing’ movement continuously, research on ’Six Construction’ task strategies, and offer systematic support for normalized measures against gang-related crimes, based on People’s courts’ missions and responsibilities.” With the large cleansing within CCP Politcal and Legal Affairs system going on, Supreme People’s Court’s claim on launching ”Special Crackdown”, is definitely a perfect tool to political struggles with excuse of ”rule by law”.

Anti-Corruption and crackdowns against gang-related crimes have already been revealed as ”Take down corruption by the corrupted; take down corruption by the gang criminals; rule the nation with gang crimes” by Whistleblowers Movement since 2017.

This movement shows the new peak of CCP infighting.


Author:Himalaya Farm Canada Dawn

Proofreader: Amy

The CCP’s Iron fist to crush the domestic pro-democracy movement

The Chinese communist regime is a totalitarian dictatorship controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for over 70 years. “The power comes from the barrel of the guns” as the founder of the country Chairman Mao blatantly said it.

The Chinese people were never given the rights and freedom promised by the CCP 70 years ago, they do not have the freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, and the right to vote. Chinese people are still not allowed to own any land after all the land was confiscated by the CCP during the land reform in the 1950s. Chinese people are currently blocked out of all access to outside information by a great internet firewall, with no access to the information from the western social media such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

The CCP ruthlessly smothers any pro-democracy movement within China with an iron fist. In 1989 they deployed military force and rolled in the tanks to steamroll peaceful student protesters during the June 4th Pro-Democracy Movement, and now they are brutally cracking down on the Hong Kong people who simply want to keep the promised “One country two systems”.

The CCP’s Iron fist in a velvet glove to crush the overseas pro-democracy movement

To sabotage the anti-CCP and pro-democracy movement overseas, the Ministry of National Security, the secret service of the CCP, adopted a sinister strategy: Join the democratic movement, lead the democratic movement, ruin the reputation of the democratic movement, then eliminate the democratic movement!

Pro-democracy imposters are a group of Chinese who pretend to be pro-democracy activists working in many democratic countries around the world. There are either covert agents, spies or collaborators of the CCP. Their job is to infiltrate and destroy the overseas anti-CCP pro-democracy movement. This group is an important part of the CCP’s unrestricted warfare organization.

The early group of the imposters were some of the student protestors in the 1989 June 4th movement who fled to the west from China. Under the coercion and temptation of the CCP, many of them were converted into moles within the oversea pro-democracy movements.

Another group of imposters were dispatched overseas by the CCP and are disguised as scholars, professors, lawyers, priests, and pro-democracy activists on YouTube. And the CCP has been constantly sending more of them overseas.

With no exception, all those imposters are running dogs of the CCPs who pretend to denounce the CCP while actually helping it. They hollowed out the democratic movement from practical actions to empty slogans and ultimately destroyed the reputation and effectiveness of the pro-democracy movement.

The function of the pro-democracy imposters

Under the banner of pro-democracy movement, the pro-democracy imposters:
● Smear any true pro-democracy movement such as the Whistleblower movement and derogate, insult, defame and sell out the true pro-democracy warriors to the CCP;
● Function as the CCP’s oversea propaganda arm to disseminate misinformation via various social media such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook etc.;
● Infiltrate various levels of western government, civilian organizations, communities and professional societies, and mainstream and social media;
● they peddle influence, corrupt and even blackmail people in to work for CCP;
● covertly spy on the Chinese people who fled China to pursue democracy, and then corrupt and coerce them, or discourage them from opposing the CCP;
● Report, sell out and attack those effective pro-democracy compatriots.

Meanwhile, those imposters also defrauded money through fundraising and victimised many women through deception. As a result they ruined the image of overseas Chinese people and made others doubt whether Chinese people can ever achieve democracy.

How to identify pro-democracy imposters

Many pro-democracy imposters do not speak English and have no stable jobs despite living here for many years, yet they drive nice cars and live in big houses. Their income comes either from the CCP or from fraudulent fundraising.

Part of the pro-democracy imposters

Unlike the true anti-CCP pro-democracy fighters, those imposters are active on the CCP controlled and censored Chinese social media such as WeChat and Weibo and Chinese newspapers; their “anti-CCP” books can be published in China; their names can be searched on the Chinese search engine such as Baidu; they can get in and out of China freely without being arrested by the CCP.

One sure indication of all the imposters is that they never talk about the fundamental faults and lethal threats of the CCP. Specifically, they deny the following facts and even help the CCP cover up those crimes:
● The CCP has unleashed the coronavirus as a biological weapon that attacks the entire world and has the potential to release more biochemical weapons in the future. The imposters have viciously attacked Dr. Yan for publishing her scientific report which points out that the virus was engineered by the CCP in its Wuhan lab.
● The CCP are brutally suppressing and murdering the Hong Kong freedom fighters.
● The CCP kleptocrats have stolen enormous wealth from Chinese people and hid it overseas.
● The CCP kleptocrats’ wives, lovers and illegitimate children are living in the US and other western countries enjoying the western democracy, civilization while brainwashing the Chinese people to hate Americans and its western allies.

Nowadays, the primary goal of these imposters is to destroy the Whistleblowers Movement. They oppose anything advocated by Mr. Miles Guo and the Whistleblowers Movement. For example,
● The Whistleblowers Movement emphasizes the separation of the CCP from China as a country, but the imposters claim that China’s stability relies on the CCP which is completely false.
● The Whistleblower Movement emphasizes that the CCP must be eradicated in order to free the enslaved Chinese people and to eliminate the existential threats to entire humanity imposed by the CCP, but the imposters downplay it by claiming that all we need is CCP’s internal reform.
● The Whistleblower Movement supports HongKong’s pro-Democracy pro-freedom movement, but the imposters either avoided mentioning the topic or called the HK freedom fighters thugs, and instead they supported Hong Kong police and the National Security Law.

As you can see, the imposters exhibit no coherent logic, nor do they care about the difference between righteous and evil, the truth and the falsehood, they are doing whatever it takes to destroy the Whistleblowers Movement.

Recently as the war to take down the CCP advanced to the final battle, these imposters have also escalated their unrestricted warfare. The CCP have sent more sophisticated people to disguise as fellow warriors of the Whistleblower Movement, and they have infiltrated the movement to sabotage it from within and later to steal the fruits of the Whistleblower Movement. Meanwhile they viciously derogate, attack and send out teams of agents to harm and eliminate the Whistleblowers

What should we do about the pro-democracy imposters?

First of all, we must be vigilant that the pro-democracy imposters are prevalent overseas among us. They could be inside our Whistleblowers Movement or act as “independent pro-democracy fighters”.

Secondly, we must identify them and reveal their true identities to the public especially to their gullible followers to minimize further damages done by them.

Finally, we should collect the evidence of their collaboration with the CCP and report it to the government of their residing countries for legal actions such as criminal prosecution and deportation etc.

Those imposters are hypocritical and despicable moles and dangerous gangsters in our society, they threaten the livelihood and effectiveness of the anti-CCP pro-democracy movement and the lives of our true freedom fighters, they also ruin the reputation and image of the Chinese people.

We, the whistle-blowers, the proud members of the New Federal State of China, the true peace-loving, law-abiding decent Chinese people would like the world to know that:
● the CCP does not represent China;
● the CCP does not represent Chinese people;
● the pro-democracy imposters do not represent Chinese people.

So far at least 33 million people have been infected by the Coronavirus and 1 million people have died from this virus, which is a biochemical weapon unleashed by the CCP, and the numbers are still rising as we speak.

We urge all people around the world to join the New Federal State of China and our global allies to fight the CCP. This is not only a fight to save Chinese people, but also a fight to save the whole world from the pestilence of the CCP’s tyranny, malicious and lethal attacks and to defend all that is most sacred to human race: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The CCP is the most dangerous plague of our times, we must eradicate it. We must keep fighting until victory otherwise the whole world will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age.

Your action could be the last straw to crush the CCP. You can spread the messages and identify and report the pro-democracy imposters around you. Those imposters along with the CCP should be put on trial like the Nazis were on the Nuremberg trial.

You may also want to watch a video about it:

Pro-democracy Imposters

image source: Gnews

To all fighters who work faithfully, relentlessly, wisely and lovingly for the Whistleblower Movement, New Federal State of China, and the peace & freedom for all mankind.

Special tributes to Mr. Miles Guo, Mr. Steve Bannon, and the brave men and women who risk their lives to deliver confidential information from inside China so the world can see.

Glory to God, who is the creator, master and saviour of all.

‘‘That was a turnaround for many of the Jews who were with Mary. They saw what Jesus did, and believed in him. But some went back to the Pharisees and told on Jesus. The high priests and Pharisees called a meeting of the Jewish ruling body. ‘What do we do now?’ They asked. ‘This man keeps on doing things, creating God-signs. If we let him go on, pretty soon everyone will be believing in him and the Romans will come and remove what little power and privilege we still have.’’ –John 11:45-48 MSG

Mr. Bannon in his show War Room: Pandemic Ep 408 – The CCP as a Demonic Force asked Mr. Guo, why the CCP fears the spiritual development of Chinese people and people in the world. Mr. Guo responded, people who have faith in God can discern evil and pursue good and the truth. That explains why the CCP specializes in demanding people’s undivided faith in itself; manufacturing lies; maneuvering people into, not only purchasing the frauds and defraying the costs of its storytellings, but also ‘evangelizing’ them through the sharing economy. The key selling points of the CCP’s business are their meticulous crafts and made-to-measure products of truth-resembling lies. The clients are men and women, of all ages, of all walks of lives, and of all nations, who are either Godless and faithless, seeking for God, or willing to be renegades from their faiths for the CCP’s ideology of truth.

What a market full of potential.

‘Indeed, a perfect head-to-toe seller market’, the CCP is masterminding, while skilfully adapting the Bible into its own preference of reality. The CCP discovers that the truth (who God is; God’s principles & reality; hopes, promises & values being fulfilled as expected) is among what people pursue, the most demanded, profitable yet user-unfriendly in the world, because on one hand, people need it to see and live; on the other hand, the truth stipulates for believers’ own disciplines of studying & defending it. Belief and faith in the truth are challenging to earn because lots of people request evidence before believing. In light of that dynamic, the CCP swaps the truth with its own counterfeit, featuring enticing promises, visible proven-benefits, and its followers’ maintenances all ‘being taken care of’. The CCP understands that if it has dominion of the ‘truth’, it has it all.

How does the CCP attempt to hijack the truth? Well, how does God deliver the truth to humankind? Through His Word.

Thereby, one cannot deny there are indeed some successes of the orchestrations of the CCP’s unrestricted information warfare through propagandas and espionages. Meanwhile, the Co-conspirators seize the mics in the rest-of-the-world divisions and fortify at backlines with the weapons of word-based Internet, media, capitals and immunity-free invitations for the CCP to their own infrastructures.

It’s the power of God’s truth that accounts for the CCP’s ruthless efforts to replace it. In God His truth is everlasting and never changing. In the CCP and its co-conspirators their truths are upgradable to suit their Befehle and Bedarf. Sometimes I secretly wonder if the latest versions of the operating systems involuntarily propel our devices to scripts where we better experience the CCP and its co-conspirators’ cyber contributions to their truths.

But never has the CCP and its co-conspirators calculated that there could ever be a birth and a flourishing evolution of the Whistleblower Movement, the fighters of which determine to safeguard God’s truth, defend good, expose evil and overthrow the CCP’s ponzi-wonders, despiteful schemes, and endless strives to blueprint a driverless or CCP’s driver-fill human history all together.

The Whistleblower Movement is rooted in faith in God, and that faith, is not religion.

‘The tumour is like the Chinese Communist Party regime, because it is the one who leads to this problem (of the pandemic). If you don’t remove it, there will be more tumours coming out again and again. You have to treat the fundamental reason. Then think about other ways like vaccines, drugs & preventions to control it (the pandemic)’, said Dr.Yan, fearlessly. Similarly, to counterstrike and heal from the rising incursions on international securities outwardly and, as well as our personal spirits, souls and bodies internally, we are gifted with the example of the Whistleblower Movement & its essence – ONLY TRUTH PREVAILS. The countless sacrifices of lives & the distortions of humanity, as we see today, might serve the larger purpose of revealing the daunting consequences of our pride and greed in front of our own eyes, dependence on bread alone, abandonment of faith in God, and efforts to deify ourselves. It is a modern demonstration of what occurred to the land of Canaan before God turned it into domicile for the Israelites.

Shipwreck of faith assists the growth of the devil of the CCP and its alike, who instrument riptides of chaos and bloodsheds that we are all confronting. But the Whistleblower Movement is ripping off that page of the soon-to-be past and extending an even more vital mission: restoring faith in God – where TRUTH PREVAILS. Truth is not a dormant promise from triumphs of revolutions inked on paper; it requires our assiduous and constant efforts of guarding, defending, and consolidating. The progression of the Whistleblower Movement on a global scale presents us what insistences on truth and faith in God can do; in addition, it urges us to reflect on ourselves and our relationships with God, while simultaneously changing the existing constructs of the world we are living in today. Only with fear and reverence of God, and faith to serving His reality, can we, our future generations, our societies multiply healthily, securely in abundance with what we are given respectively.

‘For by Him all things were created in heaven and on earth, (things) visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities; all things were created and exist through Him (that is, by His activity) and for Him.’ — Colossians 1:16 AMP

Author: Joyphie

Proofreader: Sarathecat

(The content of the article only represents the author’s opinion)


BEIJING — The Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress will convene its 22nd session from Oct 13 to 17 in Beijing.

The decision was made on Tuesday at a meeting of the Council of Chairpersons of the NPC Standing Committee, which was presided over by Li Zhanshu, chairman of the NPC Standing Committee.

According to the proposed agenda, lawmakers will review at the session a draft biosecurity law, a draft export control law, a draft Yangtze River conservation law, a draft support for veterans law, a draft personal information protection law and a draft coast guard law.

They are expected to deliberate a draft amendment to the Patent Law, a draft revision to the Law on the Protection of Minors, draft amendments to the National Flag Law and the National Emblem Law, a draft amendment to the Criminal Law and a draft revision to the Administrative Penalty Law.

A draft amendment to the Electoral Law of the National People’s Congress and Local People’s Congresses, a draft revision to the Wildlife Protection Law and a draft revision to the National Defense Law will also be reviewed, according to the proposed agenda.


VOG’s Gnews Current Affairs Team

Hello, this is your host Michael from Gnews Current Affairs.

On Sept 23, President Trump suddenly left the White House daily briefing for an emergency phone call. The next day, Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani was interviewed by Newsmax and said, ‘you will find out over the next 3 weeks, China has put so much money into Biden’s family’. We see some inextricable links between the two incidents out there. Meanwhile, Lude Media exposed that Jiang Zeming, Zeng Qinghong and Meng Jianzhu handed over three hard drives to some prominent figures in the US, in which the following information was included:

Video clips of Hunter Biden’s sex scandals and child sexual abuse in China; Evidence of a 4.5 billion dollar secret deal between Hunter, Secretary Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan; Evidence of Hunter receiving 10 million prepaid dollars before closing the natural gas deal with Kazakhstan and Ukraine and another 1 million dollars as commission from the Chinese Communist Party; All mentioned are stored in the first hard drive.

The 2nd hard drive contains information about where and how Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan hid their treasures overseas, particularly in the US, and their global grand strategy: keep enslaving 1.4 billion Chinese people under the totalitarian communist regime and manipulating the US elections. Their ambition is more than bribing politicians of the establishment in Washington DC but infiltrating every country on the planet to control the whole world.

To implement their grand strategy, CCP always dreams about possessing the most advanced biological weapon in the world. Evidence of CCP’s bio-weapon and military-civilian integration program is in the 3rd hard drive.COVID-19, the CCP virus is a crucial weapon created within such programs. No wonder Dr. Limeng Yan keeps telling the world that the virus is military lab-made.

Mr. Lude loves joking about how his show “stands in the future, narrating back into history”. That is to say, what his show informs about the public would soon be revealed and verified. Let’s keep watching closely.

That’s all for today’s news. Please go to gnews.org or download our app for more details. We are the Gnews Current Affairs team. Stay tuned, stay healthy. We’ll see you soon.


1. Global Himalaya: Rudy Giuliani on Newsmax with Chinese Subtitles

2. President Trump Suddenly Left the White House Daily Briefing for an Emergency Phone Call

3. Clip of Lude Media Live Broadcast on Sep 26th: CCP’s Bio-Weapon and Military-Civilian Integration Program Is in the 3rd Hard Drive

4. Lude Media Live Broadcast on Sep 26th CCP’s Bio-Weapon and Military-Civilian Integration Program Is in the 3rd Hard Drive

5. Lude Media: Evidence of Hunter Biden’s Scandals Were Handed Over to the US

6. Lude Media: How Xi Jinping Purges the Communist Party and Hides His Treasures Overseas

7. Bannon War Room Pandemic EP371: Miles Guo Reveals CCP’s Global Grand Strategy


Translator: Stay(文苑); Reviewer: Wencheng

It was reported that the CCP intends to counter the United States, restricting U.S. diplomats in Hong Kong to the approval of the CCP’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs before they can meet with Hong Kong government officials, educational institutions, and organizations.

The establishment of Liberal Party Legislative Council Member Zhong Guobin and the DAB Chairman Li Huiqiong both expressed support and advocacy. Zhong quoted the Special Commissioner in Hong Kong as saying that the move was “retaliation measures taken by the United States to restrict the activities of Chinese diplomats in the United States.” Li said that in view of the increasingly tense Sino-US relations, even if US diplomats stationed in Hong Kong propose to meet, they should wait until Sino-US relations improve before going to the appointment.

Non-establishment lawmakers hold the opposite view. Civic Party Legislative Council Member Yang Yueqiao and Chairman Liang Jiajie respectively stated that as Hong Kong citizens, there is no need to comply with the regulations because the regulations are for American diplomats. Being Hong Kong people, they are not restricted. If the new regulations are true, it will be difficult for Hong Kong to maintain its status as an Asian international city. The spokesperson of the US State Department has clearly pointed out that China has made the decision to include the US Consulates in Hong Kong and Macau into the restrictions of US diplomats. This decision will further prove Beijing’s abolition of Hong Kong’s autonomy and the destruction of Hong Kong’s years of prosperity framework.


Translator: Wenfen; Reviewer: Wencheng

Hong Kong – Some online media reporters feel prepared to be jailed for less than a year, reported by Hong Kong In-media on September 28, the sixth anniversary of Occupy Movement.

The day before, over 50 police officers went to the basement at Pacific Place to set a blockade against media reporters. Force Media Liaison Cadre (FMLC) inspected the affiliated media agency information one by one with reporters, and checked with the list, asking ”Anyone from ODN (Oriental Daily News)? Anyone from AD (Apple Daily)?” Permissions were granted first for mainstream media, unregistered online news agencies on ISD (Information Services Department) Release System left blocked. Reporters from WhatsNews, Hongkonger Lennon Wall, and etc. were demanded ID checking. Besides that, a reporter from HKGolden criticized Hong Kong Police for Police General Orders amendment without in-advance legislative process, denouncing that ”What does it mean by asking ’Anyone from ODN’, ’Anyone from AD’?”

Comment from En Dian:

Hong Kong, the only city ruled of law, escalating into a giant censorship prison and loss of International Treaties, and Free speech results from following an evil regime named CCP. CCP lied ”… the previous capitalist system and way of life shall remain unchanged for 50 years.” (Article 5, Chapter 1, Hong Kong Basic Law) to get this treasure trove. Today, Hong Kong citizens taste the bitterness of CCP Totalitarian rule, and democratic nations are awakened to the fact, that one major international port can be changed into a city of terror. However, sometimes people and countries still have to follow the treaty they sign with CCP.

Hong Kong’s scenario is straightforward for people knowing the essence of CCP: exaggeratedly fake inanity. Many countries are subdued this way for their confusion.

CCP can control Hong Kong major media and use them as its mouthpiece. New media and university voice will be the next because they are still spreading truth. Hong Kong Police amended the regulations to prevent any exposure of police brutality by reporters with courage and integrity. Hong Kong Police still wants to either control or eliminate any media to fool and infiltrate the world.


Translator:sisyphus(天元); Reviewer: Wencheng(文橙)

The CHRF of  Hong Kong appealed against the police’s notice of objection to the March of 10.1. The public assembly and procession appeal board rejected the appeal and upheld the police’s decision against the March.

The police welcomed the ruling that there was reason to believe that the event was a high-risk event with a large number of people, which would increase the risk of new pneumonia among participants and other members of the public. In recent months, different groups have organized illegal rallies and different violent incidents have occurred. It is necessary to oppose the march in order to maintain public safety and order.

Sufficient police will be deployed on the same day to appeal to the public not to participate in the unauthorized assembly and prohibited group gathering.

Cen zijie, convener of the CHRF, said that the hearing result was a failure as estimated earlier. He criticized the authorities for telling Hong Kong people to get used to the new normal of the epidemic situation. However, the parade and assembly could not be held as usual, and thought the situation was absurd.

Mr Cen cited the case of registered visitors to the theme park raised by the police at the hearing. He was worried that the government would require Hong Kong people to take part in the march in real name in the future, which would further crack down on the freedom of expression of Hong Kong people. He called on the public to put on black clothes and make a statement on that day, expressing their concern about the 12 Hong Kong people detained by the mainland.

Cen zijie said that it was impossible to estimate when the authorities would crack down on them, stressing that the democratic front of the people’s Liberation Army would continue to apply for the March until it succeeded

Cen zijie, convener of the CHRF was opposed by the black police when he applied for the death day of the 10.1 National People’s Liberation Army. I believe that many Hong Kong people know it well, and it is not the first time that they have been opposed to the March. For Hong Kong people, the march was originally a kind of freedom and human rights granted to Hong Kong by the basic law and international law, but today it has become a difficult situation.

Lin Zheng said at the press conference that there is a mechanism to process applications for processions and demonstrations. It’s nonsense. Now the black police are bigger than the Lin Zheng government. Now the police are the spokesmen of the national security law. If you want to arrest anyone, you can arrest them. A bad National security law can make the basic law of Hong Kong seem to be illusory. Hong Kong is now difficult to apply for a demonstration, and even those who dare to tell the truth are banned. This just confirms the fragrance Hong Kong has entered an era of totalitarian control.


VOG Video News

En Sub


  • Guangzhou is actively building mobile cabin hospitals.
  • The CCP’s Urban Management Officers punished a 70-year-old man, who had a brain stroke, for selling items on the street.
  • Carrie Lam handed the Central Military Dock to the PLA Hong Kong Garrison. She said it had important constitutional significance.
  • Pope will not meet with Pompeo to avoid interfering during presidential elections.
  • U.S. Commerce Department tightened trade restrictions on China’s chip giant SMIC.
  • Dr. Yan: In terms of COVID-19, there is also censorship in the U.S. and other countries, but it looks more invisible than in China.


Jojo, Canada Himalaya Club, Twitter: @CanadaHimalaya

The Morning Show

•The Senate Homeland Security and Finance Committees jointly released an 87-page report- “Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns” on Sept.23,2020, yet no mainstream media has covered it so far. Mr. Lu De pointed out that A small portion of the three drives is used and referenced in the report. The total amount of Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan is nothing compared to the money the Bidens received from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

• This report listed Hunter biden’s and his family’s financial transactions with CCP China:
1.Through Jiang-Zeng-Meng’s white glove- Ye Jianning, the Bidens received shares of investment funds companies such as Bohai Harvest RST (BHR). The CCP used the money exploited from their people to make the Biden family work for the CCP’s top leaders.
2. During his tenure as Vice President of the U.S., Joe Biden sold many U.S. interests to the CCP. For example, through BHR, he agreed to sell shares of a defense contractor to a PLA-controlled arms manufacturers, from which he would then receive a hefty commission.
3. Ye Jianning is now arrested by Xi Jinping to skirt the issue and make him take all the bribery charges. However, the RICO bill will surely bring the man behind it to justice. However, the Whistleblower Movement and the RICO Act are sure to get the men behind it to justice.

• Mr. Lu De suggests that, with regard to worldwide peaceful protests against the CCP spies, the local postal service could be hired to widely distribute pamphlets in the neighborhoods where those spies are located.

The Late Night Show

•Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declassified information related to the crossfire hurricane investigation of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), revealing that Hillary Clinton “approved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal against Donald Trump by tying him to Putin and the Russians hacking.” Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director John Brennan also “briefed President Obama and other national security officials” on the efforts. ODNI, FBI, and CIA were all involved, and it is absolutely unconstitutional to orchestrate a scandal with the power of the national government. This is a million times worse than Watergate.

• The first presidential debate was more like President Trump vs Chris Wallace, who’s siding with Joe Biden to attack President Trump together over his income tax and other issues. And when President Trump spoke out about the Bidens’ billion-dollar collusion with the Chinese Communist Party(CCP), Wallace interrupted him, giving Biden time to catch his breath and change the subject. Overall, Mr. Lu De and the guest all agreed that President Trump won the first debate comfortably.

• CCP’s U.S. media, New York Times reports on President Donald Trump’s taxes, suggests that he appears to paid consultant fees to senior White House adviser, Ivanka Trump, to write off as a tax deduction. Mr. Lu De used to operate his own business in China and think it’s a reasonable approach. The CCP continues its rampage to infiltrate the U.S., trying to steal the U.S. election.


Miles Guo told us that the type of government is determined by its people,the CCP is easy to take down, but it’s hard to remove people’s mind haze. Now, the CCP is about to take down and we would like to talk about our real enemy after the end of the CCP.

We have a special way of seeing things from the perspective of Chinese traditional wisdom. Please look at the above picture, which shows a large tank with water in it. As the water gets dirty, it produces lots of dirt, like duckweed, which symbolizes all kinds of problems. These could be corporate problem, social problem, family problem, pollution problem and the mental problem that is what Miles Guo called Mind haze. How to solve these problems? We should see the essence through the appearance. The essence has three levels.

At the first level, looking at the level of duckweed, which is the appearance or phenomenon. As we all know that China has all kinds of social problems, many phenomena in all area, including different aspects of education and all levels of society. How to solve these problems? The simplest way is to wipe off the duckweed. Many people will say that is easy, use a scissor to cut it all. You can do it, but you will find the duckweed growing back before long. Some other people will say press it down and ignore it. But press gourd dipper float. Therefore, by solving the duckweed problem only, you will find it can never be completely solved.  That is to start on the phenomenal level and will never completely solve the problem, you will get tired and you become the fire captain, constantly trying to solve problems one after another. Looking at the phenomenal level only is not enough. Some people will say that they can kill the duckweed using poisons or pesticides. Yes, you can kill this duckweed, but soon another will be born, and the one that you have never seen will come out again. What will you do? Therefore, there is no end to solve the duckweed; these problems will never be solved.  This is the first level.

At the second level, people who have wisdom would think: seeing so much duckweed is a phenomenon, a fact that is real and inescapable. But what is the reason for the duckweed? Through careful observation, it turns out that it is the dirty water that produces duckweed. As long as the water is dirty, it will breed bacteria and produce all kinds of duckweed and dirty things. So, wise people don’t care about the duckweed, they just use a pump to dry the water out, and the duckweed will quickly dry up and die.

At the third level, will the problem be solved by drying the water out? Not necessarily. This is an open water tank and it will rain, so the water will get dirty again. The duckweed definitely will come out following with other kinds of problems, then what to do next? Dry the water out again? Some people will say to resolve the water’s fluidity and turn it into flowing water. This is useless, because a variety of aquatic duckweed and aquatic plants will grow, then what will you do? The people who are wiser will further to think why there is duckweed, because of dirty water. Why there is water, because of the tank. So hit the tank to solve all the problems. The problem of dirty water and duckweed does not exist, this is completely put an end to the problem, which is the true wisdom. This is the third level that is advocated by our Chinese traditional wisdom.

Today, so many problems in China are all kinds of duckweed that need to be dealt with. The water is the Chinese Communist Party that causes all kinds of social problems, because policies and laws are made by the CCP and the system is also determined by the CCP. What’s the tank? Some say it’s the system, some say it’s the rule of law, some say it’s the absence of faith, some say it’s the ordinary people, and some say it’s the vote. Will votes solve all the problems? Many democracies have votes, but they also have a lot of social problems. Some say it’s the League of Nations, which has problems too. Why is the CCP standing in China? There are lots of reasons, but a very important one is that the CCP has so many mercenary “friends” internationally. The reason its implementation of BGY (Blue Gold Yellow) could work is that there are so many greedy people are in collusion with the CCP, so we should give up any illusions about the League of Nations. What’s the tank? This is a fundamental issue. It is useless to take down the CCP without changing the tank. If we change to a democratic constitutional system, like the United States, will that solve the problem? America also has a lot of traitors, unscrupulous media and bad guys. Therefore, democracy alone cannot solve the problem; democracy is in the “water” level, not to the level of the tank. What’s the tank? We must see the essence of the problem. Who is our real enemy? It’s the tank. If it is not figured out, the whistleblower’s movement will only solve the problem of water. Please stay tuned for a breakdown of how to solve the fundamental problem of the tank in the next episode!

Author: Lily, 小仙女

Translator: Squirrel

Original Opinion Article by Himalaya Manor Canada – 2020/09/30


Korean Titile 중국 공산당이 치명적인 코로나의 기원은 은폐되고 엄폐돼 왔다

FOX Lou Dobbs interviews Dr. Yan on Sept.23

2020년 9월 23일 Dobbs FOX 옌박사 인터뷰

image source: image.cnbcfm.com

1, Dow futures fall 100 points after U.S. presidential debate. U.S. stock futures declined on Tuesday night as traders digested the first U.S. presidential debate. Positive data regarding a potential coronavirus treatment from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals kept the losses in check.  Dow Jones Industrial Average futures were down 101 points, or 0.4%. S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq 100 futures both lost 0.3%.

2, J.P. Morgan settled for an undisclosed amount a lawsuit that accused the firm of “spoofing” trades in the precious metals market.  The suit by hedge fund manager Daniel Shak and two commodity traders accused J.P. Morgan of manipulating the silver futures market, costing plaintiffs $30 million in losses. The bank is also nearing a settlement of $920 million to resolve government investigations for similar alleged conduct in the precious metals and Treasury futures markets, CNBC has learned.

3, TikTok is launching an elections guide in the video-sharing app to give users information about the 2020 U.S. elections to help protect against misinformation, the company said in a Tuesday blog post.

4,Chinese online media firm Sina Corp. is quitting Wall Street as Chinese tech companies come under heightened scrutiny in the United States. The Beijing-based firm is being taken private by its chairman and chief executive, Charles Chao, in a deal that values the company at $2.6 billion, Sina (SINA) said in a statement on Monday.

5,Nokia to become the biggest BT supplier as Huawei kit phased out. The UK government said in the summer that Britain’s mobile phone operators would not be able to buy new Huawei equipment for 5G networks from next year and would need to replace all the kit from the Chinese group that has already been installed by 2027, due to national security concerns.

6,The real estate financial policy is still tightening under the policy of “no speculation in housing”. On September 27, three bankers told the 21st Century Business Herald that a major bank had received a notice that the regulator recently required large commercial banks to reduce the pressure and control the scale of real estate loans such as personal housing mortgage loans. In addition, some banks have reported that the personal mortgage loan line is tight, and some banks have called on customers to consider an early mortgage payoff in order to free up the mortgage line.

By 【Financial and Law Team】


A month into the new school year in Hong Kong when students are gradually resuming on-campus school life, some new “rules” (see image) have already creeped into schools along with the National Security Law which was blatantly imposed in Hong Kong earlier this year in July. 

According to these school authorities, these “dos and don’ts” under the National Security Law are:


•  Learn the National Security Law

•  Sing the National Anthem

•  Fly the National Flag

•  Love China and love HK


•  Launch Student’s strike

•  Sing “May Glory to Hong Kong”

•  Chant protest slogan

•  Form human chains

•  Distribute political advocacy materials 

•  Attend political events in school uniform

Source: Stand News 


On September 29, 2020 (EST), Miles Guo’s latest song “Dear Mamma, I Am Ending the CCP”, dedicated to his mother, was released for the first time. It was produced by the G Music team, which reached the top position of major mainstream music platforms in just a few hours, once again, creating another miracle in global music history.

The Download Ranking in Major Music Platforms

Top 1 in Hong Kong iTunes

Screenshot on Sept. 30 @7am (EST)

Top 1 in New Zealand iTunes

Screenshot on Sept. 30 @7am (EST)

Top 1 in Macau iTunes

Screenshot on Sept. 30 @7am (EST)

Top 1 in Singapore iTunes

Screenshot on Sept. 30 @7:15am (EST)

Top 1 in Hungary iTunes

Screenshot on Sept. 30 @7am (EST)

Top 1 in UAE iTunes

Screenshot on Sept. 30 @7am (EST)

Top 1 in Mongolia iTunes

Screenshot on Sept. 30 @8:30am (EST)

Top 1 in Bolivia iTunes

Screenshot on Sept. 30 @3:30pm (EST)

Top 1 in Canada iTunes


Top 3 in Taiwan iTunes

Screenshot on Sept. 30 @8:30am (EST)
Screenshot on Sept. 30 @3:30pm (EST)

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/au/album/dear-mamma-i-am-ending-the-ccp-single/1533851579

The Lyrics:

Dear Mamma

Dear Mamma
Are you ok over there?
Your son is crying
and missing you
and sees you in his dreams
You said take down the CCP
cause it’s gods will
So I’ll win for you and I’ll see you when
We end the CCP
So why, do they take our lives?
Over and over and over and over again
So I, I’m putting up a fight
To protect my family
Let’s Take down the CCP
为什么? 他们要剥夺我们的生命?
我! 我将于他们对抗
They might have made a virus
But the virus is them
Screaming no more death
cause together we stand
it’s just you and me
Taking down the CCP
They might have took our parents
But they can’t take our hearts
Cause the love we have shines so
Bright in the dark
It’s just you and me
Taking down the CCP
Hey son
I got a million things I wish I could say to you
but I’ll start with I’m so proud
Yeah You’re doing the things that should have been done a long time ago
And I know you’re gonna take them down
嗨! 儿子

(Further updates to follow…)



I en intervju med Newsmax sa Dr. Yan ” jag har några andra bevis !”

I Dr. Limeng Yan’s first report, the scientific evidence is clear showing why it comes from the laboratory in China and how they can do it.

I Dr. Limeng Yans första rapport, är det vetenskapliga beviset tydligt som visar varför det kommer från laboratoriet i Kina och hur de kan göra det.


“Warum riskieren Sie Ihr Leben, um der Welt die Wahrheit über das Virus zu sagen?

Dr. Yan told Patrick  in the interview, the only way to solve the problem of virus is to find out, why how it happened and who made it. She risks her life to tell the world the truth about this.    

Dr. Yan sagte Patrick im Interview, die einzige Möglichkeit, das Virusproblem zu lösen, bestehe darin, herauszufinden, warum es passiert ist und wer es gemacht hat. Sie riskiert ihr Leben, um der Welt die Wahrheit darüber zu sagen.