The hardship of those who have been forcibly reworked is foreseeable as a disaster;

the nurse suddenly fainted and suffered a sudden cardiac arrest;

the voice of justice is increasing;

countries have taken actions to curb the rapid spread of the epidemic.


There are currently 38 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Taiwan .

Bill Gates pens op-ed saying coronavirus is a ‘once-in-century pandemic’.

There are already more than 2,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in the South Korean city of Daegu In total, South Korea has 2,931 confirmed coronavirus cases.

The spouse of a United States Forces Korea service member has tested positive for coronavirus.

Italy now has over 820 cases, making it one of the worst hit countries in the world. Lombardy, in northern Italy, has 531 confirmed cases and a death toll of 17, the region’s health secretary Giulio Gallera said Friday.

Coronavirus cases in Spain rose to 39 cases .

The stock market has just experienced its worst week since the 2008 financial crisis .

The Dow closed 357 points, or 1.4%, lower, on its seventh day in the red. At its worst, the index was down nearly 1,086 points. The index dropped 12.4% this week.

Because of the concern about the spread of virus, food stockpiling has taken place among Chinese communities around the world.

In contrast to the grim situation abroad,  in China, as the original epicentre of the outbreak, the CCP has repeatedly called on its citizens to return to work. A large number of people poured into Beijing.

On the 28th, there were only 4 new cases outside Hubei, and the new cases outside Hubei were single digits for two consecutive days. Do you believe in such data?

Shiyan City has recently experienced unexplained water cut in several communities.

On 28th, a nurse supporting Wuhan suffered cardiac arrest and was found by cleaning staff about 5 minutes later. After rescue , the current situation is stable.

According to reports: 50 police have died since the outbreak in Hubei, of which only 4 died of new coronavirus pneumonia infections, and most of the others were due to sudden illness. Obviously this is a lie.

Shanghai medical staff said in an interview that the hospital was full of loopholes and all those who could be hospitalized were wealthy and powerful people.

Because the raw materials are not available, many mask manufacturers have stopped production. Who controls the raw materials?

An elderly man who shot a video of Wuhan was forced to make a video confession the next day, which may be why so few local videos have been released recently.

After a video of the property management worker beating an elderly man went viral online on the 28th, the People’s Daily responded quickly the next day, saying it had apologized to the man, and got the old man’s understanding.

When some helpful netizens visited the old man, they learned that the attacker didn’t apologise at all.

On the international stage,the Chinese communist party never blushed when it lied. Zhong Nanshan said recently that the outbreak first appeared in China, but not necessarily the origin is China .

Jimmy Lai , the founder of Hong Kong’s Next Digital , was arrested at his home early on 28th.  Lee Cheuk-yan and Yang Sen were arrested by police for investigation at the same time.

Police have charged them with involvement in an illegal assembly in 2019. They have been released on bail.

Mr. Miles Guo said that Jimmy Lai was arrested by the police because he knew the actual data of Hong Kong’s infection.

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• Iran is hiding the true data of death toll.

• WHO becomes the accomplice of CCP’s again.

• People’s Daily is caught to fabricate rumours.

• The real  reason why HK police arrested Jimmy Lai 



Hong Kong’s last colonial governor Chris Patten said that Beijing is “throttling” decency and freedom in the city by arresting pro-democracy figures.

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29th February 2020 is a watershed. The coronavirus will internationalise and bring about human calamity. As 60% of the world population is estimated to become infected, it will be the biggest crisis for human survival in a millennia.

What is the CCP’s actual cognition of the coronavirus?

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders comment that unlike SARS, the novel coronavirus has the characteristics of long incubation as well as long treatment periods. It is difficult to predict the viability of the virus and to confirm contagious cases.

The contagion is uncontrollable, particularly for those under the same roof. Unexpectedly the virus attacks not only lung but heart, and causes the exhaustion of both heart and kidney.

There is no treatment except for supporting machines such as Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO).

The CCP leadership acknowledges that the epidemic will be getting worse and cause crises for food and supply chains.

What is the situation at the epicentre?

Willing to take all legal liabilities, Miles Guo states that the novel coronavirus is a result of multiple virus engineerings in the P4 lab in Wuhan. The virus was not naturally evolved and was manufactured to target on the Americans and Hong Kongers.

Yet karma works imminently. Although at least 20,000 Hong Kongers have been infected, the death toll is exceptionally low. Instead, the virus has kicked off hard in Wuhan and Beijing, the least desirable locations to the CCP. Based on internal informants, in Hubei a few millions have been infected. The death toll is absolutely more than 100,000. Most died at home. Except for the most vulnerable old and small, those who have died had been most loyal and obedient to the CCP.

What will happen next?

1. A few of the most powerful CCP figures, other than the seven Standing Committee members and the members of the Politburo, are going to die of the coronavirus. In spite of blood transfusions, kidney transplants and using most advanced ECMO, at least three would die by the 1st April.

2. The CCP’s economy would be penalised collectively by the world. The world would be witnessed to decouple from the CCP and the decoupling is expected to be complete by the 1st April.

3. The currencies of Chinese RMB and Hong Kong dollar would devaluate to worthless as blank paper.

4. Hong Kong and numerous western cosmopolitans would be in lockdown for comprehensive quarantine. New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, Milan, Rome would be hit hard by the pandemic.

5. Around the globe the economic growth rates would be negative. Yet the ones that would suffer the most would be the CCP and its accomplice – the Wall Street financial markets.

6. Hubei, Heilongjiang, Chongqing, Jiangxi, Hangzhou, Shanghai would have the highest death tolls in China.

7. Water, rice, noodle, salt, preserved vegetables are the necessities to stock. Ensure proper telecommunications. Keep cash handy. Credit card is useless.

The worst is yet to come. From 1st April, the CCP’s demise would be counted in minutes. The 4th June would be the National Day of a new country for Chinese people without the CCP.

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President Trump announced that he will be hosting a press conference at the White House on Saturday afternoon to provide updates on the coronavirus outbreak. At the same time, NBC News reported that Washington state health officials had just announced the first death of the virus in the United States.

Trump confirmed the death at Saturday’s press conference: this 50-year-old woman from Washington state died on Friday night. He has reaffirmed his administration’s previous rapid response measures, including the decision early on to shut down flights between the U.S. and China. He also called upon American people ” do not panic and the US government is prepared for this possible pandemic.

Vice President Pence also announced the latest travel restrictions on Iran, Italy and South Korean: 1) restrict the U.S. entry from Iran 2) increase the travel warning for Italy and South Korea to highest level (level 4 “Do not travel”). He also announced that the U.S. government has stepped up its purchase of more medical masks in response to the outbreak.

New source: White House Youtube channel

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2月29日下午1:24分。【华尔街日报:突发:华盛顿州报告美国首例冠状病毒死亡】 #coronavirus…




2月29号 在这个特别的日子里,应战友们的要求,文贵随手拍一些照片与战友们分享。一切已经开始!



The Chinese Communist Party is using “racism” to silence people around the world. It punishes the Wall Street Journal for publishing an op-ed piece analyzing China’s economic threat to the world.

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•WHO conceded mistake within 24 hrs, the US raised travel alert level.
•Another big gift: Hu Xijin wrote that the CIA created the virus.
•The real source of the epidemic.
•Xi Jinping met WHO’s Director-General and was in command of the fight against the epidemic.
•The situation of the Communist Party’s outbreak area and 4 points that Mr.Guo worries about. The officials command at home. Many people travel abroad then infect others, who are responsible?
•Massacre is still happening in Hongkong; Hongkong’s border still isn’t closed; the virus outbreak in Hongkong is “helpful” to solve the problems in Hongkong; the CCP asked the WHO to host its conference in Beijing.
•Authoritative overseas experts discuss the virus. The CCP had desired to get these coronaviruses at all costs,by fair means or foul.
•Someone in Wuhan’s P4 lab commented on various kinds of warfare.
•CCP objected when USA tried to label China as the most dangerous epidemic zone. The prerequisite for t “Three”.


Just as Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong tried to curb panic buying induced by what he claimed to be “rumours” through legislation, this could not help but remind the world of the PRC’s recent expulsion of three Wall Street Journal reporters and the plummet of stock markets worldwide–the much dreaded consequences of the Wuhan pneumonia are proven real.

In this regard, the statement released by WHO that the coronavirus was not a “world health emergency” is refuted by not only the unprepared outbreak in South Korea, but also WHO’s belated announcement of COVID-19 as a global epidemic.

Yet, WHO’s praise of China’s response to the coronavirus remains a ‘novel’ perspective to the international community. After all, were the people in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and even Italy, whose behaviours have displayed distrust of the WHO and the Chinese authorities, the uninformed and uneducated ones? Or have Singapore’s prime minister and the Wall Street prodigies missed out something important in the bigger picture? Or shall we turn around and ask: What role does China play in backing, sourcing and disseminating WHO-related information in the post-Margaret-Chan* era?

  • Preceding Tedros Adhanom, Margaret Chan, a Hong Kong physician, was Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) delegating the People’s Republic of China for 2006–2017.

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Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue is but a moment.  [Pr. 12:19]

Dr. Zhang Wenhong(L) and Zhong Nanshan(R)

Dr. Zhang Wenhong, leader of the Shanghai team of experts in the treatment of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia cases and director of the department of infectious diseases at Shanghai Huashan Hospital Affiliated with Fudan University, was interviewed by China Daily on Feb. 28.

When pressed on whether or not the Novel Coronavirus was imported from elsewhere, Dr. Zhang Wenhong said he believes it originated in Wuhan.

If that was the case, we should have seen patients emerging from different regions in the country around the same time rather than their concentration in Wuhan.

He added. “Moreover, influenza could be easily differentiated from the coronavirus infection through CT scan.”

Let’s take a moment to look back what Zhong Nanshan, a senior national health and protection team leader and the director of national research center for clinical respiratory disease research, said at a press conference on Feb. 27, he claimed that “the epidemic first appeared in China, but that does not mean it originated from China.”

Frankly speaking, it took a lot of courage for Dr. Zhang Wenhong to diametrically oppose opinions with the offical version of Coronavirus, because Dr. Li Wenliang was an example and paid the price of his life.

After comparing what the two men spoke and did, you will find it’s not only an ironic historical coincidence but new samsara of nobleness and degeneration. The same scene was staged at different times. Today’s Zhong Nanshan has become the technocrat he hated and opposed in the SARS era of 2003, while today’s Zhang Wenhong has become him that man who ever dared to speak truth to power in those days.



Photo from 紅白藍孩 RWBB

The Gravest Disgrace

They, who arrest indiscriminately, received a pay rise.

They, who turned away from the cries of the people, received a pay rise.

They, who beats up ordinary people, young and old, and kicked a preacher kneeling for mercy, received a pay rise.

They, who took people as hostage for their personal safety, received a pay rise.

They, who in their skin of justice and law collude with scoundrels and criminals, received a pay rise.

They, who rape and torture and loot and massacre, received a pay rise.

They, who utter falsehoods, vaunt their wickedness and condemn the righteous, received a pay rise.

Haughty eyes. Lying tongue. Hands that shed innocent blood.

This is no Asia’s finest.

No, this is Asia’s vilest.

Source: Guardians of Hong Kong, Photo from 紅白藍孩 RWBB




February 27 | A protestor has been kneeling on the Central Elevated Walkway for at least 2 days, displaying protest flags with a hand-made Lennon Wall.

“I bow as I respect everyone who sacrificed themselves for our cause. I want to remind myself to remain steadfast in my beliefs and make Hongkongers remember our fellow protesters in prison, in life and death…”

Meanwhile, Hong Kong citizens reply to Carrie Lam’s cash-out offer in an artist way. That’s a poem, the name is: We don’t want your money, Carrie Lam.

Image credit: Joshua Kwan @ USP

If I return the ten thousand dollars I got from you, would you go back 2 months in time and close the border?

If I return the ten thousand dollars I got from you, would you go back 8 months in time to respond to our demands?

If I return the ten thousand dollars I got from you, would you return the lives that were lost?

Image credit: Joshua Kwan @ USP

If I return the ten thousand dollars I got from you, would you instantly step down and vanish from the face of the Earth?

However, it is already too late.

Source: FirstHand

Contributor: GM02