Hubei visitors taking revenge on being discriminated by spitting on the floor of Macau hotel

The Macau Government is tracking Hubei visitors who are now in Macau and forcing the Hubei visitors to stay in detention camps even if they do not have pneumonia symptoms or let them return to Mainland China by themselves. With effect from 27 Jan, any visitors from Hubei or non-Macau residents who have visited Hubei within 14 days have to provide medication proof to ensure that they are not infected with Wuhan coronavirus. 

(28 Jan) (Image)

1. Understood.

2. The Venetian Macau colleagues claimed that they are checking in the hotel to see if there are any visitors from Hubei staying. When they found that there was a group of Hubei visitors in the hotel and asked them to leave, those Hubei guys spat in Room 217! It is insane!

3. It sucks!

4. StarWorld Hotel CCTV showed that some customers intended to take a lift and stopped by every floor of the hotel and spat on the floor because they thought that they had been discriminated against. 


Source: Guardians of Hong Kong, Facebook

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Jan. 28, 2020