Wuhan Coronavirus, a Chernobyl Type Disaster premeditated by the CCP?


If the Chernobyl disaster was an accident caused by negligence and engineering cheating, the outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan was a well-designed conspiracy, but the outbreak is moving towards to an uncontrollable direction, and it is turning into a real natural disaster.

In the early stage of the coronavirus outbreak, the state-owned media was trying hard to deny the “rumors” and emphasize that the epidemic can be controlled. How could they become self-confident to say such a situation is controllable? Was it the Party Constitution made them so confident? Or the kleptocracy has already got a shocking plan to start biochemical warfare? Seventeen years after the SARS, a large-scale outbreak of the new coronavirus happened again. In the meantime, the Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Campaign, the Taiwan presidential election, and Phase One Sino-US Trade Agreement, are just a coincidence or is it CCP‘s premeditation?

It is possible for such an assumption. Initially, the virus was precision spread to help suppress protestors in Hong Kong. The current large-scale outbreak in Wuhan and its surrounding city is a sign of lost control. We could guess there could be a sort of human mistake during the virus transport and caused the outbreak in Wuhan. The worse thing that happened now is the virus has started mutation. The speed and extent of the mutation could have exceeded the scientists’ original calculations. The current situation became out-of-control, and it broke away from kleptocrats’ original script. The planned vaccine may become invalidated, and the case is turning into a real natural disaster.

Organ replacement, Yab-Yum, tampering the Bible and the Koran, such evil things are not enough to satisfy the CCP’s appetite. Wang Qishan, the Communist kleptocrat, wants to become the creator of the world. New coronavirus was artificially created inside the CCP’S P4 laboratory. Such anti-human behavior will incur punishment from God!

History always repeats itself in an amazing way. Just like the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the CCP sealed the city to contain the outbreak. Just like the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the CCP chose to cover up the truth through media control. Just like the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the CCP refused help from the West.

But unlike the Chernobyl, this time, the CCP designed this disaster.  And after the situation went out of control, the CCP was going to kidnap the Chinese all over the world to extend kleptocrats’ life. Is there a vaccine?  CCP, Can you answer the world before you enter hell?

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Jan. 27, 2020