Everything is out of control——Wuhan video collection【5】

Medical workers in other parts of China were sent to Wuhan for support. The boy in the video shouted to his girlfriend that I love you, and he cried very sadly.

This person did not have any symptoms and was fainted while shopping

The supply of masks across China is tight. In Jiujiang(JiangXi province), people went directly to the factories that produce masks snap up.

Hanyang Sanli Community Hospital
The man in the video said: His mother had fever for four or five days, and he went to the community hospital to ask for help because other hospitals do not accept his mother. But there was no doctor at the community hospital.

“Our workload is hefty; what we are most worried about is that the protective supplies are not enough. In the day after tomorrow, we will not have N95 masks.”

A man fainted at the Shanghai subway station.

Footage from Wuhan that local citizens are shouting “Wuhan keep going!” form their apartment, as the city is under lockdown, and people are trying to cheer up each other.

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