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The CCP regards the intellectual property theft as a critical strategy for its rise becoming a great nation and its invasion of the world. Many Chinese researchers are either the CCP’s spies or lacking moral consciousness. Some of them cannot resist the temptation of huge benefits provided by the CCP and some of them feel obligatory with the calling of patriotism. They use the convenience of their work and research in the West to steal technologies and stealthily, provide them to the CCP. In this incidence, two Chinese-Canadian scientists secretly stole biological viral samples, which provided valuable data and samples for viral research, to the CCP, and should be hold responsible for the outbreak of coronal virus in Wuhan.

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Chinese Communist Party masters and develops deadly bacteria as a weapon of Biological warfare — (Israel Military Intelligence Agency). See how they have cultivated the export of “talent” to steal Western intellectual Property during decades.

In July 2019, the “spy” couple and their Chinese students were taken away from the Manitoba National Microbiology Laboratory. The University of Manitoba announced the dismissal of the Qiu couple.

Please look down at their relationship with this Wuhan Coronavirus.

Chinese bacterial thief Qiu Xiangguo and her husband Chen Keding

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Qiu Xiangguo was taken out of a Canadian laboratory, former colleague said shocked

The National Microbiology Laboratory in which Qiu Xiangguo onced worked is the only Pathogen Level 4 laboratory in Canada. It is one of the few laboratories in North America that has the ability to handle pathogens such as Ebola virus which needs the highest level of seal. It is also one of the 15 laboratories of Pathogen Level 4 in the world and the only one in Canada.

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  • She was born in 1964
  • In 1980, she was admitted to Hebei Medical College at the age of 16
  • Graduated from Hebei Medical University in 1985
  • Postgraduate Student of Immunology, Tianjin Medical University, in 1990
  • In many materials, she covered up visiting at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston in 1996 as a guest scientist
  • In 1997, she was assistant research fellow in University of Manitoba Cancer Treatment Center
  • In 2003, she joined Special Pathogen Project of the National Microbiology Laboratory

Twitter 4:

Her husband, Cheng Keding is also under investigation. He is a biologist and has even participated in the treatment and defense of Ebola virus. He has published papers about AIDS, SARS and coliform bacteria. The couple has been working with a team of Chinese students and cooperated with Wuhan Institute of Virology.

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About MD Anderson and Yueyin venture capital and Yueyin Datong (Tianjin) Asset Management Co., Ltd. Look, these belong to Wang Qishan. The Qiu Xiangguo couple has always been in touch with Tianjin Medical College.

Twitter 6:

The latest Canadian media’s investigation found that just two months before Dr. Qiu was taken away, Canada national microbiology laboratory she worked in sent live Ebola and Henipavirus to China with the via Air Canada. The destination was Beijing.

Before the incident, Qiu Xiangguo served as the leader of the laboratory’s special virus project team-vaccine development and antiviral treatment group, and was responsible for research work related with Ebola virus.

Twitter 7:

The viruses were shipped to the Chinese Academy of Sciences bypassed the laboratory’s procedure and protocols and without additional documentation to protect Canadian intellectual property. Researchers engaged in cutting-edge high-containment research at the National Microbiology Laboratory are not allowed to ship anything to other national laboratories without consulting with the Intellectual Property Office and reaching a material transfer agreement.

Twitter 8:

In 1996, she entered the United States as a member of Thousand Talents Program, and then moved to the Canadian laboratory. Over the years, Qiu Xiangguo has recruited a large number of Chinese students and visited to Chinese universities regularly. Look! The Ebola antibodies that she developed together with Tsinghua. The weird thing is ZMapp is a California company producing vaccines !! Check if it belongs to Jiang Mianheng? !!

Twitter 9:

According to travel documents obtained by the Canadian CBC, Qiu Xiangguo traveled to China at least five times in 2017-2018, including providing training program for science and technology personnel in a newly established P4 laboratory in China, which is engaged in the most deadly pathogen research.

Wuhan P4 Bio Lab ! ? !!

Twitter 10:

Look at here! Wuhan Virus Laboratory is accredited to conduct research on three types of viruses: Ebola, Congo-Crimea hemorrhagic fever and Henipavirus. Isn’t all smuggled out of Canadian laboratories by Qiu Xiangguo? !!

Twitter 11:

Wuhan Wuhan Wuhan

Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu

The Canadian Mounted Police investigated Qiu Xiangguo in July and took her away from the laboratory. Newly exposed documents show that Qiu Xiangguo was invited to the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for two consecutive years, twice a year for up to two weeks at a time. Public Health Canada says Qiu’s actions could be “violating policies.”

Twitter 12:

The Chinese Communist Party’s cover blows up.

The United States and Canada already have the intelligence.

The document obtained by the CBC showed that “Qiu’s visit was funded by a third party”, but the third party’s name was erased from the document. During her trip from September 19th to 30th, 2017, she also met with collaborators in Beijing, and the names of the participants in the meeting were also erased.

Twitter 13:

When the Chinese government introduced Qiu, it misled people to believe that she invented the ZMapp’s drug.

Police documents show that Xiangguo also visited some academic institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and gave speeches at several conferences when she visited China.

Twitter 14:

This 4/5/2018 CCTV‘s report is the proof. Virus is flowing from Wuhan bio laboratory. And the Chinese Communist party has a vaccine. So why not give it to the patients? When are you going to “fight fires”?

Twitter 15:

In 2014, The Canadian government claims that China leads the cyber attack on the Canadian National Research Council.

In fact, the Qiu couple is just two examples in the Chinese Thousand Talents Program. There are more scientists there stealing intellectual properties for the CCP.


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[…] already being subsidized as participant in China’s Thousand Talents Program. She soon moved to Canada from the US continuing her graduate work at the University of Manitoba. Dr. Qiu continued her […]


[…] already being subsidized as participant in China’s Thousand Talents Program. She soon moved to Canada from the US continuing her graduate work at the University of Manitoba. Dr. Qiu continued her […]


[…] already being subsidized as participant in China’s Thousand Talents Program. She soon moved to Canada from the US continuing her graduate work at the University of Manitoba. Dr. Qiu continued her […]