The Evil Lord of “Shuang Xiu” Wang Qishan: Are You a Lunatic?

Adapted to English by: Ignorme, InAHurry, TCC

Prologue by: TCC

Original author: 正道人 2019.12.24

What you are about to read here is rated R, restricted to age 18 or over, and can be mind-boggling. This article exposes the darkest secrets of the CCP’s current Deputy of General Secretary Wang Qishan concerning his strong desire for control, his evil plans to create his own cult, and the real fears in his deepest mind. The Evil Lord Wang is indeed crazy, and has sunk deeply into his “Shuang Xiu” dreams, actually nightmares.

The purpose of this article is to wake up the ignorant, ordinary Chinese people and the kleptocratic Westerners who are still stuck in the Stockholm Syndrome created by the CCP and evil Wang Qishan, and to expose how Wang uses “Shuang Xiu” to control his followers, domestically and abroad.

Footnote (you must read before you read this article):

  • Shuang Xiu: Evil Bonpo’s sexual practice involving two persons: himself with virgins of ages 16, 12, or 8.
  • Rinpoche: The Tibetan term, in this context, is used for evil lords ranking below the Evil Lord Wang Qishan in their evil “Shuang Xiu”.
  • BGY or Blue-Gold-Yellow: Black-mail with one’s dark secrets (Blue); Bribery with fortune or common interests (Gold); and Seduction with sensual lust (Yellow).
  • 3F plans: Plans to make the USA fail, frail, and fall.

Mr. Miles Guo recently exposed a shocking scandal saying that Wang Qishan is the Evil Lord of “Shuang Xiu”. It subverted our imaginations and completely stunned the ordinary people. The “Rinpoches” of “Shuang Xiu” headed by Wang Qishan have stolen inexhaustible amounts of wealth and arranged a huge number of groups of silent sleepers worldwide. Why do they still dole out such a disgusting evil trick as “Shuang Xiu”? Is the Evil Lord Wang Qishan really insane? What is the perverted psychology that is driving him down such a road of no return straight to the bottom of Hell? His devil’s mind is complex and unreasonable. Let’s walk into the inner world of the Evil Lord of “Shuang Xiu” Wang Qishan, strip away his false exterior and see the evil ambitions behind his sensual lust.

Perverted Psychology I: Strong Desire for Control

1. The conceited dream of extreme power: Wang Qishan planned to become the real boss of China from the day he became vice chairman of the CCP. He can’t accept “the second place”. Stealthily, under the guise of “Shuang Xiu”, he dreamed of being an emperor playing with 3000 lovers in his palace. He set up his gang with his power and wealth using the carrot-and-stick approach. He threatened his gangsters to be his puppets by forcing them to video-record themselves when they practiced “Shuang Xiu”, including writing self reports and taking pictures of themselves with the very young virgin girls. He also incorporated “Shuang Xiu” into CCP’s blue-gold-yellow and 3F plans to accelerate building a dark alliance system globally. “Shuang Xiu” is the most effective method for him to climb to the top of power. He can gather a group of stinking “Rinpoches” to join his evil cult by encouraging their dark instinctual desires.

2. The illusive dream of the Almighty: The kleptocratic Evil lord of Wang is no longer satisfied with his trillion-dollar assets and his extravagant, erotic life. Pleasure from “Shuang Xiu” has bred him with greater lust. He deceives the world with fakes and hopes to become the Evil Lord of “Shuang Xiu” in the name of Buddhist Tantra systematically. As the Evil Lord of “Shuang Xiu”, he can control people’s minds and desires, dominate his followers’ behavior,and hurt boys and girls absurdly to satisfy his animal-like pedophilia. Wang has become the Evil Lord by recruiting those “Rinpoches”, who surrendered to their desires and benefits, to enter into his Devil’s realm.

3. The Evil Lord’s dream of the Dark world: Based on the explosive materials from Mr. Miles Guo, Wang has actually controlled half of the dark web of the world. The dark web is where the dark forces gather, including the transactions of “Shuang Xiu”. This is also the sin space that Satan run amuck. Wang Qishan dreams to become the Evil Lord of the dark world. He brings those “Shuang Xiu Rinpoches” into the dark web, like getting on board of a pirate ship leading toward Hell by way of “Shuang Xiu”, the sinisterly spiritual opium. The seeds of “Shuang Xiu” cultivated by Wang Qishan has been broadcasted in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and entire western world via BGY plan. It quietly corrodes the bottom line of human morals and universal value. Look at those brazen “silent forces” of Wall Street, who shamelessly covered up for the CCP. Look at those liars who talked such nonsense. Their evil claws have reached every corner of the world. Facing these menacing dark forces, the justice league has no time to hesitate. Annihilating the CCP is absolutely and immediately necessary. It must be done.

Left: Chen Feng, Right: Wang Qishan

Perverted Psychology II: Bloodline Inheritance

1. The pedigree of ‘genital’ governance: The wealth stolen by Wang Qishan should be able to last for a few lifetimes, but still he does not wish for the fortune to fall into hands outside of his clan after his death. He must create a perfect plan through blood lines from generation to generation. He used “Shuang Xiu” as a guise. In fact, he released his animal-like desires through abuse and rape, and produced many with his own blood (most in the form of illegitimate children in order to cover up), and then used BGY to spread his illegitimate children all over the world, and finally used the resources of the huge global interest groups to raise these offspring to the peak of the world’s politics, economy, technology, military, and culture. He can then firmly control all wealth and power using his Offspring’s hands. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) itself is a Nazi organization, “Chinazi,” that governs the country through ‘genital’ (or sexual) relationships. Wang Qishan has fully exerted the bloodline of genitals to govern the country. The illegitimate children of the CCP that Mr. Guo Wengui exposed should be just the tip of the iceberg. The “Shuang Xiu”-generated illegitimate children may have spread like weeds everywhere.

2. The reincarnation dream for his sins of this life: Wang Qishan used “Shuang Xiu” a to satisfy his and his followers’ animal-like desires, lust for power, wealth appropriations, and selfish desire to pass everything on to the next generations. He also fantasized through using “Shuang Xiu” to sexually abuse virgins in order to cleanse his body, purify his mind, clean all his evilness, and eliminate all his sins, just like how the ancient emperors used young boys and girls as offerings to pray for blessing. Wang Qishan believes that reincarnation is real. If there are many sins, then it will hinder reincarnation after death and the reincarnation will take a longer way. Wang Qishan is trying his best to eliminate his sins in advance. If he can remove all his sins in this life, then it will increase his chance for “free reincarnation” and “same-place reincarnation” . This will ensure the continuation of his wealth, nobility, and unlimited powers. In addition, this will ensure that he can pass on his evilness from one generation to one generation, and pursue endless carnivals and forever glories from generation to generation.

Perverted Psychology III: Extreme Level of Fear

1. Fear of facing death: Although Wang Qishan claims himself to be a spiritual person and a believer, he has not understood the true meaning of death. In fact, there is no real death: life and death are just different forms of energy because life is eternal. Because he fears for his own death, this has become Wang’s largest demon. He has been obsessed with immortality and has not stopped seeking methods to achieve longevity. While facing natural ageing and body debilitating, his fear of death is also intensifying. The methods that CCP kleptocrats typically use to maintain their vitality – for example, transfusing young people’s blood or transplanting a new kidney – can no longer offer Wang a peaceful mind.

2. Fear of being liquidated: Wang Qishan has sent over a million of people to prison through so-called “anti-corruption campaign”. Many families have been destroyed and millions worth of private assets have been embezzled in order to make Wang into a formidable anti-corruption star and earn himself the nickname of “the chief of fire fighters”. Although Wang is at the top of CCP’s legislature with great power in his hand, he remains extremely fearful deep in his heart: he is worried about the revenge from those people that he has put into prison or their descendants. He is also worried about being overthrown by his political opponents once they regain political power over him. Therefore, Wang wants to build an indestructible alliance of dark forces and a cult using “Shuang Xiu”. In doing so, Wang and his massive ‘cult,’ who shared the same interests and fears, could achieve their evil goals in continuing to rob the Chinese people, maintaining the evil CCP and its system, and resisting any containment or condemnation by the justice forces and escaping the fate of being held accountable for all the bad things that he has done.

3. Fear of going to Hell: Many people have been hurt or killed by Wang when they are in his way. Wang understands the sins he has committed and knows that he will be facing judgement from God one day. Even he knows that there is no place for a sinner like him in heaven, so he fears that he will end up in Hell. Wang Qishan has this wicked belief that through the “Shuang Xiu”, he will be able to gain the essence of life from those virgin boys and girls. By doing so, not only is he able to nourish his evil body, but he can also counteract his evil karma using the pure spirits of those innocent boys and girls. Evil Lord Wang and his followers have been convinced that “Shuang Xiu” can allow them to bypass the gates of Hell and even save them from the extreme punishment of Hell.


Obviously, the Evil Lord Wang is really crazy, and has sunk very deeply into his “Shuang Xiu” dreams. Wang Qishan is no longer a human, but a Satan, a demon who has lost his mind. Only the wicked system of the CCP can breed abnormal animal-like groups such as Wang Qishan’s “Rinpoches”. Justice sometimes comes late, but is never absent! “Shuang Xiu” and the Evil Lord Wang Qishan will never be able to escape from the trial of justice. What is waiting for him is not immortality or generation-after-generation’s glories, but the 9 Circles of Hell in Dante’s Inferno.

Wake up, the people who still fantasize about the CCP!

Keep your eyes open, the people who are still singing praises for the “great” Communist China!

The cancer “Shuang Xiu” has spread throughout the world. It has not only ruined the orthodox Buddhists’ practice, but has also buried many people’s hope for spiritual purification. If the CCP is not annihilated, we will surely return to the Dark Ages once again.

Edit: 【Himalaya Hawk Squad】

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