Wuhan woman – Suspected Coronavirus carrier fled to Osaka for Onset of Symptoms and Speedy Medical Treatment

A Chinese woman, suspected of contracted Wuhan Pneumonia, fled from Wuhan by car to Guangzhou and then to Osaka.

She was interviewed at Japan Kansai International Airport and said that she was not going to Osaka for a pleasure tour, instead, she was intended to wait for the onset of symptoms, so that she could be admitted into a Japanese hospital for treatment without further waiting and without infecting her family.

Her remarks were heavily criticized by both Chinese and Japanese netizens for villainous which could possibly spread the virus to many Japanese.

But if they can good treatment in mainland China, who would be willing to spend time and money to flee? So the CCP is the culprit. These patients are forced to choose between survival and morality

Source: Travel News Hong Kong

Contributor: GM02

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1 year ago

感谢日本政府 感谢日本人民 感谢爆料革命
Thanks to the Japanese government. Thanks to the Japanese people.



Jan. 27, 2020