Miles Guo: Wang Qishan says epidemic will end by February

Even based on the fabricated (under-reported) infection numbers published by the Chinese Communist Party, some experts are pessimistic about the possibilities of containing the Wuhan coronavirus.

But Miles Guo said on Saturday during his live-streamed broadcast that Wang Qishan, the Vice President of China, assured a high-level Chinese official that the viral outbreak would be contained in February and asked that person to stay home to relax.

Wang Qishan’s Optimism & Han Zheng’s Silence

Mr. Miles Guo was also puzzled by Wang Qishan’s remarks. Mr. Guo did not have further information, but he thought that maybe it explained why the Chinese kleptocrats appeared to be nonchalant about the viral outbreak in Wuhan.

Mr. Guo said that Wang Qishan visited Wuhan secretly around the time of the first “sign” of coronavirus. Wang is the top suspect of spreading the deadly virus to remove his opponents within the Communist Party in order to prolong his reign. There have been a lot of resentment of President Xi since the viral outbreak. Wang Qishan, a “hero” during the SARS epidemic 17 years ago, is expected to come to the “rescue” again.

Mr. Guo also said that the CCP top kleptocrats did not respond to any early reports of the SARS-like disease in Wuhan as if nothing had happened. The Chinese Vice Premier Han Zheng’s silence perplexed the government of Hubei province who sent highly-classified reports on the outbreak to him in December.

Experts’ pessimistic analysis

Estimating the potential total number of novel Coronavirus cases in Wuhan City, China

Please click here to download reports from Imperial College London‌

The Chinese communist party published these official (fabricated) numbers on People’s Daily

 1287 confirmed infection cases on the Chinese mainland as of 24:00 on Jan 24

– Highest public health alert for 30 provincial-level regions

– 41 deaths out of the 1287 cases  

– 10 in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

– Wuhan to build another hospital for coronavirus patients

– Wuhan calls for more material help to deal with virus

– Group tours, travel packages suspended across China

– Human-to-human transmission confirmed

– Early symptoms may not contain fever, fatigue and coughs

– Hubei province has raised health alert to highest level

– WHO refused to declare the virus a global health emergency

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Jan. 25, 2020