The Farm: “P4” Biological Superweapons Development

Author: Halliburton

Wuhan P4 Lab

Bill Gertz recently disclosed bio-weapons research laboratories located in Wuhan, China — the epicenter of the recent outbreak of 2019-nCov. These “P4” designated facilities are specially hardened (controlling airflow and the environment at the molecular level) to support ongoing research and experimentation into dangerous and often highly virulent pathogens. Diseases like Ebola and SARS are studied in labs with the “P4” rating — and if you wanted to study, model, and build genetic material for a “Novel Coronavirus” — you would need access to a P4 lab. Only nation states possess the resources to isolate such a disease from, say, a Zhoushon bat and imbue it with the capacity for human-to-human transfer. In Wuhan — a massive coverup has been taking place over the past few weeks with the intention of concealing the true nature of the disease, its incubation periods, and its relevant metrics.

The SCMP is reporting that in a new case of 2019-nCov, a 10 year old boy who traveled with his family from Shenzhen to Wuhan from December 29th to January 4th is appearing entirely asymptomatic — yet CAT scans have revealed pneumonia on his lungs. Six other members of his immediate family also allegedly have the disease — indicating a spread that is “thermonuclear pandemic” in nature, with an “R naught” value of 3.8. An R0 value this high would cause each individual infected to spread the disease to roughly 4 more people as this graphic explains:

R-naught is the average number of people infected from one other person, for example, ebola has an r-naught of two, so on average for every one person who has ebola they will pass it on the two other people.

This indicates an extremely serious disease that spreads rapidly, being completely underreported by corrupt government officials while also effectively concealing evidence of its spread. Simultaneously, the CCP is instituting effective martial law on the ground in Hubei province and elsewhere.

The Farm believes that if the stars align — if the stories from CCP government officials, CCP state media personalities, and most Western media all say the same thing — it is safe to be skeptical of the story. The most likely circumstances at present include over 100,000 infected and over 56 million people under lockdown. As an additional transit vector — many have already traveled for Chinese New Year as part of the largest annual global human migration event as measured by the number of trips taken and passengers moved.

The fact that the World Health Organization and others like it are busy trying to shut Taiwan out of diplomatic relations with the international community proves that they are merely shell organizations for the CCP. Another interesting factor in this story is the role that CCP spies have played in gaining access to high-level Canadian laboratories specializing in infectious diseases and viruses. In July 2019, Royal Canadian Mounted Policed reportedly removed (along with her associates) a prominent Chinese researcher named Dr. Xiangguo Qiu from the National Microbiology Lab (NML) — the only “P4” lab in Canada. One wonders how much data was exfiltrated from this lab — and how long ago the PLA may have gained access to it. The question is — if the disease truly poses a threat to the rest of the world, how long will it be until prominent epidemiologists are able to measure that threat and effectively warn the public?


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