Netizen’s Voice about Wuhan Coronavirus

Rumour says that all the hospitals in Wuhan are battling the government. The city mayor only cares about the numbers looking good so he refrains the reageant from being released, saying the supplies are sufficient.

[Translation of the chat in the images]
-All the hospitals in Wuhan are battling with the government
-What’s happening?
-The hospital and Disease Prevention & Control Centre want to handle things on their own. They are telling the actual situation to media.
-Is this it?
-This Wuhan city mayor is done.
-Look at the first statement.
-What are Expert Investigators?
-Then you look at the 2nd statement.
-What does it mean by trying to distribute reagents to the grassroots?
-And now Wuhan is really lacking supplies.
-Superiors are refraining from distributing reagents because they want the numbers to look good.
-Not lacking
-Not lacking
-What is the government of Hubei province doing really?
-The mayor said we have enough supplies.
-He said it on TV


Contributor: GM02

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Jan. 25, 2020