Said one Chinese volunteer

A female professor said, “When I heard that Kong in our group are going to donate face masks to the people of WuHan I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to let  the young man down. As far as I know, this government has completely blocked all channels for private and voluntary donations at least 20 years ago. If someone really wants to do something like private giving, you’re more likely to become a target of this government. How tight is it?As far as I know, all your communications equipment will be monitored. I say all! They (government)have blocked all channels for private donations, my understanding is that they don’t want us to stick together and kill all our ideas of doing things together in the cradle.I think we just have to stay together and wait for the chance.



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秘密翻译组需要各类人才, 期待战友们的参与:。🌹 欢迎大家订阅:1. 油管频道:; 2. GTV频道: Jan. 24, 2020