Everything is out of control——Wuhan video collection【3】

The girl in the video said: Three bodies have been lying here all morning; until now, nobody has dealt with it. Doctors and nurses all work in this terrible environment; I can’t find Hospital managers.

Wuhan Medical staff are overwhelmed. The female doctor in this video broke down and cry .

The voice message came from a front-line medical worker in Wuhan. She said:

I’ve been working for a day today, I’m off at four o’clock, and I’ve collapsed for a long time.

That feeling is more terrible than what is reported on TV. The doctor roughly estimates that there are about 100,000 people to be infected. We have only a dozen doctors. One doctor is responsible for more than a hundred patients. Many patients are not well. We have no supplies, and they cannot be hospitalized. I don’t think our follow-up supplies will work at all. I went to work one day and I was about to collapse. I couldn’t stand it anymore. When the patient asked us help, there was nothing we could do.

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