Brother Rain interprets CCP front page news from People’s Daily—January 22rd 2020

Written by 【GM34】—brother rain

Keywords: Xinjiang, genocide, Meng Hongwei, Wang Jian

1.The successful experience of Xinjing’s counter-terrorism

In the process of counter-terrorism and de-radicalization in Xinjiang, the Chinese government has taken a comprehensive approach to tackle both the symptoms and the root causes of terrorism.

At the recent Lianghui of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, a set of data has drawn the attention from the pubic: The GDP of Xinjiang has grown by about 6 percent, the import, and export volume by about 30 percent, and the rate of consolidation of nine-year compulsory education has reached over 95 percent…..which explains that efforts made by Xinjiang to control terrorism and extremism have achieved great success, thus laying a solid foundation for safeguarding human rights in Xinjiang and creating an enabling environment conducive to Xinjiang’s invigorating development and ensuring Xinjiang’s long-term stability and security.

Terrorism and the extremism that fuels it are spreading under certain conditions. To curb terrorism and extremism, we must not only fight against violent terrorist and criminal activities but also work to eliminate the breeding grounds and conditions of extremism. While combating violent terrorist crime can be useful in a short time, eliminating extremism at its root will require a longer period of integrated efforts. In the course of counter-terrorism and de-radicalization in Xinjiang, the Chinese government has taken a comprehensive approach to tackle both the symptoms and the root causes of terrorism and have accumulated a series of successful experiences.

First of all, we have eradicated poverty through active efforts and concentrated our work on the improvements in people’s living standards to eliminate the economic and social soil that feeds extremism. The Chinese government has taken proactive measures to improve the education, health, and social security systems to curb the influence of extremism on education, marriage, health care, pensions, and gender equality with the final aim to eliminate the social soil that generates violence and terrorism.

Secondly, we have strengthened the rule of law and enacted the “regulations on the de-radicalization of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region” to curb the interference of extremism and eliminate the political and cultural ground that breeds extremism. We have set strict secular limits between religion and the state and clarified that zero tolerance is given to any activities that use religion as “weapon” to disrupt public order, harm the health of citizens, hamper the educational system of the state and interfere in the exercise of state functions in administration, justice, education, and social affairs. We vigorously protect our citizens’ freedom of belief. We have also applied a series of institutional arrangements to deter activities of terrorism and extremism.

Thirdly, we have strengthened international cooperation in counter-terrorism to block the global network of extremism. China has established counter-terrorism cooperation mechanisms with neighboring countries in border areas and law-enforcement departments, and carried out practical exchanges and cooperation areas such as information exchange, joint border control, checking of people involved in terrorism, combating cyber-terrorism, combating transnational crimes, providing mutual legal assistance and maintaining security of cross-border oil and gas pipelines.

China’s practice of eliminating terrorism and extremism in Xinjiang has provided valuable experience for other countries to combat terrorism effectively; meanwhile, the international community has widely recognized China’s experience. Those countries, involved in smearing Xinjiang’s achievements in combating terrorism and pushing for de-radicalization using double standards, are doomed to fail. It is believed that China’s counter-terrorism practice in Xinjiang will win more and more recognition in the international community, and China shall make more significant contributions to the world’s anti-terrorism cause.

(Chang Jian, Director of human rights research center of Nankai University, professor of Zhou Enlai School of Government)


By identifying the Uygur people as terrorists, the CCP can legitimately mobilize the state violence to launch the most brutal genocide in the 21st century in the name of “combating terrorist attacks.” CCP’s comprehensive approach is to turn Xinjing into the world’s largest prison powered by surveillance technologies from enterprises owned by CCP Kleptocrats such as Huawei, SenseTime, and Nuctech. It is only through the revolution expose launched by Miles Kwok, did the entire world came to know that the CCP has put 2-3 million innocent Uygur people into the most significant concentration camps of the 21st century, the Uygur languages were banned, their lands were taken away, their properties were confiscated, their religious believes were destroyed and many Uygur elites were sent to jail for no reason. This is a complete genocide. This is the worst abuse of human rights in our time! Now some CCP scholars specialized in human rights protection are boasting “CCP ’s experience in combating terrorists in Xinjing,” they are not speaking for the Uygur people living under CCP’s brutal rule; on the contrary, they are distorting the truth and confusing the Chinese people. They are helping the CCP to cheat the world! How impudent and braze they are!

2. Meng Hongwei, former member of the party committee and vice minister of the Ministry of Public Security, was sentenced to prison for bribery case

On January 21, the First Intermediate People’s Court of Tianjin publicly sentenced Meng Hongwei, a former party committee member and vice minister of the Ministry of Public Security, and the former head of the China Maritime Police was sentenced Meng Hongwei to 13 years and 6 months in prison for accepting bribes and fined two million RMB. Meng Hongwei submitted to the court decision and said that he would not appeal.

After the investigation, it is found that from 2005 to 2017, the defendant, Meng Hongwei, as a member of the party committee of the Ministry of Public Security, vice minister, Director of the China maritime police was engaged in utilizing convenience of his position to seek benefits for the relevant units and individuals in activities such as business operation, job promotion. Meng Hongwei had also taken advantage of his position to seek improper benefits for other people; he has also illegally received gifts and properties worth 14.46 million RMB from relevant personnel.

The First Intermediate People’s Court of Tianjin considered Meng Hongwei’s behaviors to be guilty and therefore, ought to be punished according to law. In view of the fact that Meng Hongwei has truthfully confessed all the facts of the crime, pleaded guilty as well as other circumstances, the court made the above judgment.


See, this piece of news reflects the shamelessness of CCP Kleptocrats: they are fabricating this news to cheat the entire Chinese people and the world. People all know that “taking bribery and corruption” is not the real reason for Meng Hongwei’s arrest. As Mile Kwok has said in his previous videos, Meng Hongwei was one of the key collaborators responsible for Wang Jian’s death. He was arrested because he knew too much, and probably he will even die in prison. This is the fate of “serving the CCP Kleptocrats”: they will order you to do all dirty works for them using fame, fortune, and woman as baits, however, once you have done what they told you to do, you are useless. They will damp you without even a glimpse. You will never get what they have promised. Take a look at another example: during the civil war (1946—1949), the CCP promised to the Chinese people: “if you support me in this war, you will have democracy, freedom, prosperity, and dignity,” however, the reality is, when the CCP took over the power, the Chinese people downgraded from “citizens” to “slaves.” So whoever you are, stop your unrealistic illusions with the CCP Kleptocrats and let us fight together to break down CCP!

Written by 【GM34】—brother rain

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Jan. 22, 2020