Miles Guo: The communist party used the Sino-US trade agreement as an excuse for another plunder of national wealth!

Yesterday, I saw the panic caused by the communist party in Hong Kong. People are predicting that the so-called new SARS and the virus on bats would make Hong Kong people afraid to go out on the street. Hong Kong people once again gathered in Hong Kong this place, people are chanting, “five demands, not one less” and “restore Hong Kong” their voice is louder than ever!

Recently the special squad team had a plan called 4000 hermits, which I learned about yesterday. Within the 4000 hermits, there are lots of people who supported our Expose Revolution for a long time at home. But they have been caught by the police or threatened by the police. Let him use his tone on social media, on twitter, on Guo’s media, on Gpost, including under various live streams, to sow discord in his name and instigate many to follow him!

You should pay attention to the actions of the United States these days. What is the United States waiting for? The United States is waiting for 30 days to come into effect. All of the United States right now, I can tell you, I don’t see a single American I’ve met who is positive on this so-called first phase of the U.S-China trade deal. I don’t see anyone who thinks this deal is good for America, and I don’t see anyone who thinks it’s enforceable. But everyone believed that some of the communist party’s so-called kleptocrat’s buddies on Wall Street would take this opportunity to show the United States and China that we got this license and that license, you’ll see a lot! The communist party is already in league with them. According to my information, the next two months, the CCP will show the United States that I bought your soy, I bought your pork, I bought your agriculture products, and then sign the big contract with Microsoft, and had a big deal with IBM, the same! Then the fund will be allowed in the market, the banks will be allowed to take an 80% to 90% stake, and all of these will come out like fireworks!

Remember, the communist party leaders, when they want a certain country to be BGYed, a bunch of state-owned companies will rush over to hold press conferences, press interviews, invested $3 billion, invested $5 billion, just like Davos. I will buy this company; I will buy that company, the same! What’s this called? This is pure political propaganda, this is pure BGY, and publicly BGY… all of these will not be carried out; this is just a political effect!

Including they are giving out the so-called state-owned non-performing assets, what are the non-performing assets? Since Zhu Rongji separated the assets of state-owned enterprises and state-owned Banks, separated them and disposed of them separately. China Cinda assets, ZTE assets, remember, all these non-performing assets have become the best assets in their family! Because of what? Who sets the price of non-performing assets? Zhu Rongji and Wang Qishan decide all of these. They are plundering the nation’s wealth. This is written in the policy; America’s pension funds, retirement funds in the United States, the education fund in the US, are no longer allowed to invest in the CCP. But get the US government to agree that the money can be invested in certain Wall Street funds, and these funds went to invest in these assets, and these assets will invest in the US. After a period of management, management fees were collected. And then, it transferred to the United States with blond hair of Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun, Jiang Zemin, and other illegitimate children of these kleptocrats, using their image to control the Chinese communist party’s stock market.

If you look back, before and after signing the agreement, the entire gold market and the bulk of the trade, their changes are almost uniform! Somebody’s making a lot of money! Somebody’s playing a lot of money! It’s a conspiracy! Absolutely a conspiracy! Our Expose Revolution will let the world know the truth; our Expose Revolution will make the world understand!

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Jan. 22, 2020