Highlights of Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on 22/01/2020

02:45 Miles got new equipment, and it is awesome.

03:30 Miles was excited to see so many Hong Kongers go onto the streets yesterday. While on a call with a friend from Egypt today, he said his admiration for Hong Kong is like the flowing water of a river, continuous and endless. This friend is also an old Hong Konger, and he thinks that this time, after being baptised by blood and tears, Hong Kongers gave up on the “burying head in the sand” way of thinking, and are beginning to let everything loose in this movement. This friend has deep knowledge on multiple human races and ethnic groups, he is a master in this respect. He thinks that this movement in Hong Kong will not stop, this is the enlightenment movement for all Chinese people. What China achieved today came at the price of the environment well-being several hundred years into the future. The core issue now is what we are as a race, and where will we head towards in the future? Right now our spiritual development is even worse than many pet animals, the lack of faith is too severe.

08:25 When (mainland) Chinese reach the level of development of Hong Kongers, what should we be wanting? Hong Kong is a marker and the direction of our future. Hong Kongers took to the streets amidst the virus panic created by the CCP in Hong Kong, and shouts of “Free Hong Kong” could be clearly heard. Hong Kong people gave an answer with their blood and lives, that as an ethnicity, Chinese are fine, Chinese people are fine. The problem is that a many-thousand-year-old venomous tumor burst along with the tumor that is CCP. Now the only thing we can do is cut these tumors off, and move forward.

12:05 recently the “Exposé-extinguishing Squad” has an “Operation: 4000 hidden agents”. They will disguise as a brother- or sister-in-arms, basically upgraded Wumao seeking to infiltrate our ranks. They will try to get close to and corrupt our friends. Many of these hidden agents are our friends who had been arrested in the past, everyone must stay alert. If anyone questions you in the same of supporting Miles Guo, don’t waste your time and emotions and just ignore them.

17:00 Right now no Americans are optimistic about that Sino-US trade agreement, no one thinks it is enforceable. However, the kleptocrats buddies in the Wall Street will come out and put up a show. Over the next two months, various agreements will be signed, and many foundations will enter the market for show. The CCP is good at making political shows, and political brainwashing and trickery. Miles uses an example to show how CCP plays with bad assets. Changes in the global market are very synchronized now, this is a sign that conspiracies are at work, someone is making big money.

23:50-28:26 Today we are making full preparations of tomorrow’s Rule of Law Foundation board meeting, so there won’t be a broadcast in the morning. From between 3:30 and 4:00 in the afternoon all board members will be joining in a broadcast for 3 to 4 hours, everyone except Mulan will show their faces. On the day after tomorrow, starting from 7 AM, G-TV will host the live broadcast: “Miles’ take on Chinese New Year”, there will only be Miles talking, and there will be lots of replay of past videos. No special guests, no violent content, no host. This year’s main target audience is people in Europe and America, there will be interpreters, the point is to let the West see what the CCP really is.

Please follow GTV for full video: https://livestream.com/accounts/27235681/events/8197481/videos/201044888

Chinese summary by GM56
Translated by GM54

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