Miles Guo’s Video Recording On Jan 19, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Dear Comrades,
How are you doing today? Have you exercised today? Have you spread the truth about the crisis in H.K.? Today is Jan 19, 2020. Have you spread the crisis of H.K.? I have planned not to have a live video streaming today, but why do I have to do a video recording today? Last night, I got a Great Info from our comrades in China. The comrades inside the ZhongNanHai told me what the “spillover effect” by LiuHe (Vice Premier of China) actually mean. Why the video recording on his speech was deleted? It is because of a REALLY STUNNING NEWS! At first, the US forced the CCP to come to sign the Economic and Trade Agreement (Phase I) by threatening: I have prepared a dozen of all these acts on my table, if you do not come, I will eliminate the Free Trade Zone Status of H.K. immediately, the corrupted Chinese officials’ assets in the U.S. will be forfeited right away, and I will go on increasing the tariffs, which are a series of very exaggerated acts, like a dozen of them! But the one thing, the core thing that I really did not expect, was ….. , of course the comrades told me that it also includes removing China from the list of Currency Manipulator Status. The under-table bargain is—-the U.S. must commit that within the next 2 years, no matter what happen to H.K., the Free Trade Zone Status of H.K. should not be eliminated, which means, in some perspectives, they(the CCP) buy a Free Trade Zone Status of H.K. with $200 billion per year for 2 years, which is a total of around $500 billion. No matter how many people get slaughtered, it should not be terminated! And U.S. should also remove China from the list of Currency Manipulator Status! I was so astonished! They should have primarily focused on the H.K. people and the H.K. Human Rights and Democracy Act in the first place. In other words, it is a $500 billion worth of license to slaughter the H.K. people. But what I want to tell you is, they(the U.S.)will never really make it works! U.S. was threatened by the CCP, but the U.S. strategy was——I deceive you to go to bed with me first, then I lost my memory on everything that I’ve committed! Whatever you think, whatever you want to do about it, I DON’T CARE! Although the U.S. will not cash this very commitment, which I have got it confirmed by some of my resources, H.K. and H.K. people, Please be Alert! The CCP is TAKING ACTION! A BIG ACTION! BE VERY VERY CAUTIOUS PLEASE! Today, I must make a serious commitment to this comrade of mine, with this video recording as a proof, to thank you forever for your great contribution to our Exposé
Revolution! The day when there is no more CCP in the world, I will and must let the whole world, and all the people of China know of your greatness! I beg you to be cautious of your own safety! H.K. people, my fellow countrymen, GOT TO BE SAFE! This info alerts all the H.K. fellow countrymen–––The CCP WILL TAKE BIG ACTION IN HK! Everything is just a beginning! Thank you!

Watch full replay here

By: Phoenix 9 team

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