The Farm: PsyOps, Tibetan Persecution, State Department Report Delayed on Tibet

Author: Halliburton

Previously, we disclosed information given to us by Mr. Guo that Wang Qishan is the leader of a large pedophile ring centered around the corruption of the Buddhist religion. This is part of a vast “Psychological Warfare” operation being conducted against the West in order to rationalize the ability of the CCP to bring Tibet to heel.

In order to understand how the CCP has operated Tibet over the last several decades, it’s best to simply view it dispassionately and in the context of their larger business activities. Some of the money that the CCP gets is from the tourism industry — and in the age of Instagram and social media influencers, that means they must now subsidize travel & expenses for brainwashed Westerners. There is a company called “Explore Tibet” that provides exclusive travel arrangements to those who want to travel to Tibet. A few of these brainwashed “social media influencers” with the account name “Where’s Poppy” seem to have taken the CCP up on their offer to travel to Tibet. They have created a new form of propaganda — and what are some of the first examples of this new type of warfare the CCP is waging on the world. After a brief look at the comment section in this video, it becomes clear how deep the CCP’s infiltration of social media platforms is at the moment. Countless comments in the video accuse people who dare to question the new narrative being pushed of being CIA agents.

Note: the document is in Xi’s name but not necessarily comes out from Xi, the CCP high-level cadres are struggling inside.

According to this article in the SCMP, the State Department and Trump administration have placed many high-ranking CCP officials on a travel blacklist due to their restricting access to Tibet for diplomatic officials and journalists. The same type of pressure has already been applied to companies and officials involved in the suppression of Xinjiang — and soon we suspect the same restrictions will be placed on individuals implicated in the recent harvest of Hong Kong.

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Jan. 19, 2020