15th January 2020 Key points of Miles Guo’s second live broadcast

 ? 2020 115 is a great day, a historic day, another Gengzi agreement, another day of infamy of the Chinese people in the history.

?Miles wanted to cry , but also wanted to laugh. To cry for the humiliated Chinese officials, to be happy for the dying CCP.

? It was such a big news, but there was almost no media coverage in the United States, and the only news channel in Hong Kong was cut off. CCTV of course didn’t let the Chinese people know that an agreement to sellout the nation had been signed. 

? President Trump used this Gengzi agreement as a memory flag, an opening ceremony to help the U.S. presidential campaign. It is a political game at the expense of 1.4 billion Chinese people.

? Liu He almost lost himself when Trump  called out John Thornton’s name. His rudeness upset Trump as well. From the details of taking the signing pen, you can feel how greedy of the CCP’s officials like Yi Gang , Liu He .

?This Gengzi agreement signed by the CCP in the Gengzi year is to sellout the country, sellout the people, and sellout the future. The CCP begins its journey on the stage where history will put it on trial. Remember this day forever!

? The bigwigs attending the ceremony will meet tonight at the  Pierre Hotel in New York to discuss the next action on CCP. Chinese people are suffering, that is the last thing Miles wants to see.

? The Significances of the Gengzi agreement:

  1. It is the gift for the Exposé Revolution from god. The CCP has sold out the nation, so more Chinese people will wake up.
  2. The sluggish economy will lead to the internal force of the CCP to speed up the destruction of the communist party.
  3. If the CCP can’t deliver on this deal, the US will start a war.
  4. This agreement is a political agreement, a war agreement.

? Brothers and sisters, please carefully watch every second of the signing ceremony. Miles deeply felt  humiliated and insulted.

Watch full replay here

By: Mulan

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