Highlights of Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on 14/01/2020

03:14—Miles completed an episode of Iron Man’s broadcasts that touches on the tragedies that happened in China in the 1960s which took away the lives of as many as 60 million or more Chinese civilians byways of extreme food shortage. Although the authorities would later claim that it was a natural disaster, it was in fact an inevitable result of the corruption-infested, kleptocrats-centered economy much like today’s China.

08:16—Miles noted that the kleptocracy of Ruhollah Khomeini is very similar to that of China’s Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, and Zhu Rongji, as well as Mao Zedong. All of these kleptocrats promised everything and delivered nothing. Miles said that Ruhollah Khomeini amassed such a fortune that his money alone could ensure the survival of the UBS bank for hundreds of years.

16:20—Heading up to the year 1980, Ruhollah Khomeini was pursuing a slaughter against the Iranian people as well as political/social establishments in order to go after their money and consolidate power. It is very much like today’s Wang Qishan – and they all have their own family hidden in the west away from the home country.

20:00—For example, like Mao’s N.K. war, Ruhollah Khomeini’s Iran-Iraq war was also a scheme used to get rid of political opponents despite at the cost of millions of civilians.

23:18—SETAD is the Iranian counterpart of the CCP’s HNA Group, both companies act as whitlegovles for their government to amass fortunes for the kleptocrats.

26:40—Miles lamented on today’s Iran: eggs are 1.2 USD apiece, 4 million unnatural deaths everything year, 60% of Iranian wealth are located abroad – all because of the kleptocrats. Miles said that the reason Iran shot down the civilian jet was that the CFO of Islamic charity – a front holding company for Iranian kleptocrats – was attempting to flee via the plan and Iran shot it the down to avoid possible leaks.

29:18—Ali Khamenei and his 8 siblings all own real estate in HK, their children reside in Shanghai, they control over 200 billion USD worth just in Bank of Kunlun.

29:40—Miles said that unlike the US’s government’s report which says that Iran takes in 150 billion USD annually through oil exports, he thinks that the number is between 250 to 300 billion USD and of which 80 to 90 percent are corrupted by Ali Khamenei through money-laundering banks.

30:16—Millions of lives had to perish for these couple kleptocrats families to prosper.

35:10—If you study the history of these two Iranian dictators you can see why Miles is leading the fight against such disguised dictators which all started out as some sort of democracy/human rights activists so that the same tragedy doesn’t happen to China when the CCP inevitably falls.

35:32—Like the Iran-Iraq war, if the CCP were to attack Taiwan it will also face the opposition of the entire international community and Western countries.

36:28—Miles noted that recently there have been campaigns aimed at raising money to supposedly support and aid Xinjiang, Miles warmed that if anyone dares to use this for his/her personal gain, then they shall face the judgment of law and history.

37:18—The Exposè Revolution doesn’t want another Ruhollah Khomeini and most definitely not another Ali Khamenei.

37:46—The RoL Foundation is determined to use the force of law to punish the CCP officials, and Miles insisted that there be a provision for pardon in addition to the legal persecution.

38:36—The Iranian regime is doomed to fall, the leader of the new regime might be Hassan Rouhani.

41:22—Even though the CCP is to sign this so-called trade deal with the US tomorrow on Jan 15th, Miles said that the CCP will still act against Taiwan as well as HK – the CCP’s craziness is our opportunity. 2020, the Exposè Revolution is determined to end the criminal regimes of the CCP’s!

42:10—To all of the kleptocrats eyeballing Miles’ portfolios such as Pangu, Jinquan, or Yuda, Miles warned that you will end up worse than that will become of the Iranian dictators.

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Chinese Summary by GM56
Translated by GM62

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Jan. 15, 2020