Hong Kong Police Force Considers Arming Officers with Tasers and Net Guns

Sources claim that the Hong Kong Police Force is considering arming their officers with Tasers and net guns amidst the protests.

Secretary for Security, John Lee Ka-Chiu, said that the Force is open to options to spruce up the Force’s arsenal as an alternative to lethal weapons, in order to minimize casualties.

Editor’s Notes:
Tasers make use of a high-voltage, but low amperage to stun its victim. While it is often said to deliver a powerful, yet temporary shock, rather than a deadly one, it delivers a pulse of about 19 pulses per second, incapacitating the victim and sending them into muscular spasms.

A taser shot at the chest area can cause cardiac arrhythmia (disruption of the ‘rhythm’ of the heart), leading to a heart attack of even death within minutes, especially if the victim is not treated immediately.

We have witnessed incidents after incidents of the police denying medical attention to injured arrestees. We have also seen them intentionally forgoing the guidelines of the usage of their weapons, such as firing the tear canisters directly at people, or aiming their beanbag rounds and rubber bullets directly at people’s heads and eyes.

Less lethal weapons can still be lethal when placed in the hands of the bloodthirsty. The Force has not softened its approach.

Source: i-cable news

Contributor: GM02

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Jan. 16, 2020