[China] 6 Dead, Massive Sinkhole in Xi Ning City!

Author: VOG-M

On Jan 13th, a massive sinkhole appeared on South Ave, Xi Ning City, Qing Hai Province, the sinkhole caused a bus that was boarding passengers at a station plunged into the sinkhole. Based on reports from Xi Ning Evening News, as of 9:30 PM on Jan 14th, 6 people had lost their lives, 16 injured and there were 10 people missing after the accident took place. 

Incident progression

Around 17:30 local time on Jan 13th, a bus entered the South Ave Great Wall Hospital station, at the time many people were waiting for the bus, it was rush hour traffic.

After 13 seconds at the station, a sinkhole appeared at the front of the bus, causing the front end plunging into the hole, while the back end hung above the street level. 

After 40 seconds, approximately 8 pedestrians tried to access the situation, meanwhile, a young man tried to save an infant from the sinkhole. However, additional sinking took place, and 5 more pedestrians fell into the sinkhole. Immediately after, yellow gas started emitting from the sinkhole then an explosion took place. The accident also destroyed an underground water pipeline, which causes minor flooding in the hole. 

All related news as below is censored by the Chinese Communist Party:

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Jan. 15, 2020