14th January 2020 Key points of Miles Guo’s live broadcast

?Iron man and Mu Guiying’s program about the three years of natural disasters in the Gengzi year  is excellent, making people feel the pain. It is the truth. Miles Guo had the same experience, very profound.

?There is a huge reaction in China for the Khomeini phenomenon we talked yesterday. Lude’s comic interpretation of “wearing underwear inside out “ is “ Trump anti Khamenei”.

?Khomeini is like Mao Zedong, like Zhou Enlai, also like combination of today’s kleptocrats in China. His exile abroad was like today’s fake pro democracy movement in overseas. He gave empty promises, but started the Iranian cultural revolution after he came into power.

?The khomeini family and their wealth are all abroad, just like the Wang Qishan’s  Yao family.

?Khamenei is like Xi and Wang as well. Setad (The Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order ) controlled by him is like HNA. Also the Islam Charity( Bonyads ) is like Hainan Cihang Foundation. He controls 70% of Iran’s wealth through Setad and Islam Charity.

?Two finance directors of Islam Charity and one finance director of Setad were on board the airplane that Iran shot down a few days ago, just like the fate of HNA co-founder Wang Jian. The General who carried out the operation is Soleimani’s subordinate.

?Shang Yang’s five strategies were perfected in Iran and the CCP’s ruling art.

?Our Exposé Revolution will not allow  Khomeini and Khamenei to turn out in new China. New China must have one person, one vote, and adhere only to the truth. This will be written into the constitution of the new China.

?Miles suggested that the legislation to punish senior communist party officials proposed by Rule of Law Foundation must include an amnesty clause.

?There will be a series of wild moves by the CCP on HK, Taiwan, trade deals ….

?Iran’s power has collapsed and it has lost its core. North Korea will be more dramatic than Iran.

? Mangluizi(盲流子) went to Stefano Ricci shop saying under Miles’ instruction, but  It’s not true, nothing to do with Miles. The  incident has been reported to police.

? Three people in Australia are investigating Drumstick Pan(aka细思极恐/ Pan Linzheng) . No one can enrich in the name of the Exposé Revolution by collecting supporters money.

Full video replay

By: Mulan

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