News articles from CCP show that Its Police Force is Absolutely Corrupted

Author: VOG-M, Cover-Pic: VOG-X

The Xin Hua News Agency has released two news articles one after another within merely 2 minutes. Both articles discussed how the society should better “protect” law enforcement, especially the police force, however, these articles were not what they have seen on the surface. 

The ministry of public security held a press conference on the 10th in Beijing, the People ’s Supreme Court, the Supreme People ’s Procuratorate, and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the “Guiding Opinions on Punishing Criminal Offences According to Law”. This new set of laws (currently still in the bill stage) stated that any assault on police officers should not be limited to intentional harm, and physical harm should not be the only criteria for constituting a crime. Instead, comprehensive consideration should be given to the means, the methods and to what extent has an incident affected the officer’s ability to perform his/her job. With the above guidelines, law enforcement shall assess its engagement with any civilian entities, accurately determine the nature of the crime, and apply any forms of criminal charges based on necessities. 

In a word, a potential person can be persecuted as long as the officers “think” or “believe” the person could cause harm, and charge any particular person or groups with “assault on officers”. As such, if a person is experiencing police brutality, and the victim screams, the officers can get away with their actions completely because, under these new sets of laws, screaming could also be considered as a form of “assault on officers”.  And if a person acts like one of those Hongkong protestors, and scream “Police Thug”, that would 100% be considered as an “assault on officers”. 

In the second article, which was written in the form of questions and answers, it further emphasized the idea that “the Chinese police law enforcement authority must not be provoked in any way.” It’s ironic that China which is a country that lacks the rule of laws, it’s still racing to the bottom, and now its law enforcement agency is completely corrupted. 

In the past few years, the CCP has been in a never-ending turmoil, its aggression in the South China Sea angers all its Asian neighbors, its continuous infiltration angers the west, its brutal suppression on the citizens of Hongkong shows the world their true evil nature.  Now, the CCP is a public enemy, and this monster is on its last leg, the entire government system is so broken that, if one domino falls, it will trigger the entire domino effect. The CCP wants to protect its police force, and in return, the police force can protect CCP’s corruption. However, one by one the financial industry, the military, and many civil servants are rapidly losing faith in the CCP, in the face of such an insurmountable odd how long could CCP last? 

Now, with Tsai’s victory in Taiwan, CCP’s brutal suppression of the people of Hongkong exposed to the world, and America’s decisive military action on Iran showed that the entire democratic world is waking up and realizing the evilness of dictatorship. CCP desperately trying to please its police force with these news senseless laws, but no matter what they do, 2020 will be the year of reckoning, and the CCP will for sure collapse. 


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Jan. 13, 2020