Brother Rain interprets CCP front page news—January 8th 2020

Written by 【GM34】—brother rain

Key Words: National Population Census, tax and fee reductions, number of private cars, China’s foreign reserves, CCP overseas organizations

1. Han Zheng emphasized at the plenary meeting of the Seventh National Population Census Leading Group—“Clarify objectives and tasks, strengthen organizational leadership, and promote the smooth implementation of the population census.”

The following sentences are extracted and translated from this article:

The plenary meeting of the Seventh National Population Census Leading Group was held in Beijing on the afternoon of January 6th. Han Zheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Politburo, the CCP Central Committee, vice-premier of the State Council, and head of the Seventh National Population Census Leading Group of the State Council, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Han Zheng said that the seventh national population census is an essential task for evaluating China’s political situation and national power after socialism with Chinese characteristics entered a new era. He requested all the work to be conducted under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. He also demanded the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CCP Central Committee and the Central Economic Work Conference to be thoroughly studied and implemented throughout the entire work in order to comprehensively investigate our country’s population number, population structure, population distribution, and properties owned by Chinese people in both urban and rural areas. He said this work is essential as it provides accurate statistical and information support to facilitate the scientific formation of economic and social development plans, the improvements in population development strategies and policies, and the promotion of high-quality economic development and overall development of the people.


Look, it looks like the real intention of carrying out population census at this particular time (the latest population census was carried out in 2009) is not just to catch the trends in China’s population change, but to collect information on the properties owned by the Chines people. As we all know, the CCP’s development model marked by “GDP increase stimulated by debt and RMB over-printing” has given the Chinese people no choice but to invest in properties to prevent staggering inflation and the losing purchasing power of RMB. However, with the deterioration of China’s relations with industrial democracies due to CCP’s aggressive expansion policy, the CCP is running out of its foreign reserve, in order to find more sources to finance this brutal regime, as Miles Kwok has mentioned earlier in his video, the CCP is now considering imposing property tax, therefore gathering information of the people’s properties is very important for CCP Kleptocrats. This is ridiculous because the Chinese people basically do not own their properties, according to the Laws made by CCP, the Chinese people can only “reside” their properties for 70 years, and they have already paid “property taxes” when buying their properties. Here comes the nightmare for China’s property “owners”: now they have to pay the mortgage plus property tax, but they will never own their properties! Mad CCP!

2. Last year, the amount of tax and fee reductions reached more than 2 trillion RMB, this drives about 0.8 percent increase in China’s GDP

The following sentences are extracted and translated from this article:

Here is what our reporter learned from the State Administration of Taxation on January 6th:  In 2019, the country’s cumulative amount in taxes and fees reduction has exceeded 2 trillion RMB, accounting for more than 2% of GDP and therefore driving the country’s annual GDP growth by about 0.8 percentage. The tax burden of all industries has declined to vary degrees, effectively stimulating the vitality of market players and enhancing confidence in economic development.

In the year 2019, the total amount of taxes and fees collected by national tax authorities have reached 18.3 trillion RMB, however, among this, the tax revenue (after deducting export tax rebates) was only 14 trillion RMB.

The results of taxpayer satisfaction surveys conducted by third-party institutions show that taxpayer satisfaction scores in 2019 increased by 1.4 points from the previous year; the World Bank’s assessment of the business environment in China’s taxpayer rankings has also achieved new improvements for three consecutive years.


Do not believe this data produced by CCP. They are playing with a little trick (this is a typical example of “doublethink,” here I use the terminology created by George Orwell in his book 1984, the CCP Kleptocrats knows about the reality, but they make the Chinese people believe in the lies) when it comes to the calculation: if only consider the tax revenue part, when compared with the year 2018, China’s tax revenue for the year 2019 has only witnessed 1.9% increase; however, when the income of taxes and fees are calculated together, compared with the figure in 2018 (which is 13.7967 trillion), the increase in 2019 has reached 30.46%; however, China’s nominal GDP growth rate during the same period is around 6.5%. Without a doubt, the CCP Kleptocrats is mad! They are taking so much so much money from the Chinese people! With such a heavy tax burden, no wonder so many foreign companies are leaving China, no wonder so many small and medium enterprises have bankrupted!

3. At the end of December last year, China’s foreign reserves have reached 3.1 trillion US dollars

The following sentences are extracted and translated from this article:

The foreign exchange reserve data released by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange on January 7th shows that by the end of December 2019, the total amount of China’s foreign exchange reserves has reached the US $ 3.1709 trillion. Wang Chunying, spokesperson and chief economist of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, said that during the whole year of 2019, despite complicated situation of rising risks and challenges faced by our country, China’s major macroeconomic indicators remained within a reasonable range, the economic growth rate remained resilient, and growth momentum remained robust.


Do you believe the CCP still has 3.1 trillion US dollars in its foreign reserves? Even though the money is there, for ordinary Chinese people, every year, their quota is limited to 50,000 US dollars. They can only use this money to study and to travel. They can not use the quota for investment purposes. However, the CCP Kleptocrats can do whatever they want with China’s foreign reserve. That is why Kleptocrats, like Wang Qishan, has purchased the world’s first 787 private jet as well as many other luxurious properties and priceless antiques all over the world. They are using China’s foreign reserve to establish spy networks (the BGY plan) all over the world in order to steal technologies, corrupt local politicians, and manipulate local media and research institutions.

4. Forging political loyalty with new financial technologies to fulfill our original mission as a party member—written by Tian Guoli

The following sentences are extracted and translated from this article:

In recent years, leadership in China Construction Bank have taken in-depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping’s socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics in the new era. We have also deepened the implementation of the spirit of the General Secretary’s important instructions to our Bank, adhered to the leadership of party building, assisted supply-side structural reform, and firmly implemented “three strategies”—housing leasing, inclusive finance, and Fintech in order to better respond to people’s expectations for a better life in the new era. We have comprehensively strengthened the party organizations in 37 domestic first-level branches, 14 domestic subsidiaries, and more than 30 overseas organizations all across the world.”


Tian Guoli was CCPs No.1 Kleptocrat—Wang Qishan’s secretary. Now he is the party secretary of China Construction Bank. Look what he is doing: he has strengthened more than 30 CCP organizations in China Construction Bank’s overseas branches! Mikes Kowk has said long before in his videos that many Chinese spies are working in the overseas offices of Chinese state-owned enterprises. The overseas party organizations reported by CCP’s propaganda is another robust evidence of CCP’s BGY plan! How horrible is this!

Written by 【GM34】

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