Brother Rain interprets CCP front page news—January 7th 2020

Written by 【GM34】—brother rain

Keywords:  China’s Diplomatic guidelines, 5G technology, AI, Huawei

1. Conduct in-depth study Xi Jinping’s Diplomatic Thoughts and Make Efforts to Create a New Situation in Diplomacy of Great Powers with Chinese Characteristics

The following sentences are extracted and translated from this article:

“Diplomacy is an extension of internal affairs. Diplomatic work is highly political and policy-oriented. There is no trivial matter in diplomatic work. There must be no shortfalls. It is even more important to adhere to the party’s centralized and unified leadership. Diplomacy is a concentrated expression of the will of a country, and it is imperative to insist that the power of diplomacy lies at the party’s center”.

“External work is a systematic project. It is necessary to mobilize parties, governments, people’s congresses, CPPCC, military, local, non-governmental, and other forces to participate, focus on each other and cooperate to serve the country’s overall diplomacy”.

“Socialism with Chinese characteristics not only provides an important institutional guarantee for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation but also provides a persuasive path and institutional choice for human society towards a better future.”

“The Chinese Communists and the Chinese people have full confidence in providing a Chinese solution for humanity’s exploration of a better social system.”

“We shall promote Sino-US relations based on principals of coordination, cooperation, and stability. We shall develop a comprehensive strategic partnership with Russia. We will also develop our relations with Europe on the principle of four major partnerships (peace, growth, reform, and civilization). The majority of developing countries are China’s natural ally in international affairs; always being a reliable friend and sincere partner of developing countries is the foundation of China’s foreign policy”.

“The reform of the global governance system must truly reflect the changes in the international landscape, and in particular, it must enhance the representation to reflect the voices from emerging markets and developing countries better”.

“We adhere to the path of peaceful development and shall never jeopardize the rights and interests of other countries, but we must not give up our legitimate rights and interests and shall never sacrifice the core interests of the country.”


Apparently, the CCP is now ready to propose its solution to global challenges by introducing socialism with Chinese Characteristics (which is, in fact, “Crony Capitalism dominated by CCP Kleptocrats”) to this world. However, CCP itself is the root cause of those global challenges, its development model widens income disparity and leads to severe pollution— China under CCP’s rule today is the world’s no.1 greenhouse emission producer. The CCP Kleptocrats treat Chinese people as slaves and force them to work very hard but get very little paid. The CCP adopts a repressive policy towards people with religious believes and ethnic groups: it is tearing down churches and is putting dissidents into concentration camps. The CCP has been cheating the US for decades and uses the foreign reserves accumulated from unfair trade to infiltrate the US and other industrial democracies through its evil BGY plan. Very obviously, the CCP is challenging the incumbent world order, and it is prepared to achieve that by force. The CCP Kleptocrats have no credibility and bottom line at all. How can you rely on such a bunch of greedy, ruthless and morally degenerate “gangsters” to “save the world”?

2. “5G + AI” boasts city construction—Looking forward to a bright future of smart life

The following sentences are extracted and translated from this article:

In the 5G simulation cab, the driver remotely drives the vehicle located at Huawei’s Shenzhen Bantian base to operate “zero-latching”; in the AI ​plus public safety exhibition area, the high-density camera can identify 200 faces at the same time … On the 21st Technical Achievements Fair (hereinafter referred to as the “High-Tech Fair”), Huawei takes “5G + AI to open a new era of smart twins city” as its theme and brings new ideas for urban development. “Smart city construction can solve many problems in urban development, achieve efficient urban governance and services, drive the development of the digital industry, and bring new momentum to the upgrading and development of traditional industries.” Vice President of Huawei, President of Digital Government, President of Government Enterprise Cloud Yang Ruikai, said that the meaning of “digital twins” is to build a highly mirrored digital world for the real physical world, which will be a new stage of smart city development.


See, Huawei is now a global leading 5G network and AI supplier. However, this technology should never be acquired by CCP, because CCP Kleptocrats will only use these technologies for evil purposes, such as creating a hi-tech slavery society that permanently enslaves the Chinese people. Huawei’s 5G and other AI technologies also facilitate CCP Kleptocrats to steal advanced western technologies and may even eventually put the entire western society under CCP’s control. So just imagine a world with CCP as the “big brother” watching you all the time. There would be no freedom of thought, and perhaps at that time devices produced by Huawei shall serves telescreens” (described in George Orwell’s book 1984) to monitor any person’s body language, reflexive speech, and facial expressions so that the CCP can detect thoughtcrime and put them in concentration camps for “thought correction” (exactly what O’Brien did to Winston Smith and Julia). That will be the end of human civilization! Therefore, Huawei, as well as other Chinese Hi-tech companies owned by CCP Kleptocrats, should be put under strict sanctions!

Written by 【GM34】

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