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Due to his tie to the Communist China’s institutions, another top Chinese scientist’s US visa application was scrutinized.

The person of interest is Pan Jian-Wei, 49, and known as the “father of Quantum” in Communist China, his home country, has gained international fame for his research in the field. He was named as one of “10 people who mattered” in the journal Nature in 2017.

This photo dated June 20, 2017 shows Pan Jianwei’s interest in the quantum world. At age 31, Pan was appointed as a professor of the University of Science and Technology of China. At 41, he was elected an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. (Zhang Dagang / Xinhua)

Strider Technologies, a Washington-based security company, has identified solid evidence of Pan’s defense-industry connections and the details were first reported in the MIT Technology Review.

Pan’s main research focus is to harness quantum particles to build powerful computers and tools for processing information. This is also where western countries passionately pursue.

Why is this an important field? The potential applications of quantum technologies include artificial intelligence (AI), cryptography for online security to ‘crack the code’, financial modeling, and weather forecasting, etc.

According to the report, these quantum technologies can help to develop “new kinds of computers and communications networks, and new sensors for imaging and measuring objects,” for example, drug screening for curing specific type of cancer in medicine. However, these technologies can also help to break existing forms of encryption or generate powerful new radars and navigation systems in military settings.

The report reflects 2 important messages. The first is that US intelligence has been paying attention to academic activities, especially those high and sensitive technologies which may potentially be used in military settings. The second is, more importantly, to send a warning message to Western universities while collaborating with Communist China’s institutions.

Every academia should know about the Communist China’s Thousand Talents Plan (TTP). This was established in 2008 by the central government of China to recognize and recruit leading international experts in scientific research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. In addition to recruit Chinese academia from overseas, the program provides resources for short-term appointments that typically target international experts who have full-time employment at leading international universities or research labs. This is a program that requires its participants to sign legally binding contracts with Chinese institutions, which incentivized with supports in both salary and research.

Photo source from “Social Science Space”

This report exemplified the success of this sinister plan. Quantum physicists from the University of Calgary and Louisiana State University have been spending weeks to months as visiting faculty members ‘exchanging knowledge’ in Pan’s group at USTC in Shanghai. Unfortunately, Sanders and Dowling, one Canadian and one US quantum physicists recruited through China’s Thousand Talents program, naively expressed that their collaborations with China were purely academic in furthering basic quantum research and independent from politics.

Many scientists in Western academia spend time and energy tirelessly to apply research funding and to work on projects that they believe will bring the advances in human lives, but not to control or destroy human lives. They, especially those at the cutting edge of the fields, do not know that their knowledge has been used for not only economically, but also in military and espionage.

Communist China’s growing military ambitions, and its repression of ethnic minorities at home have raised the attention of some U.S. officials and lawmakers. They are questioning aspects of U.S. research cooperation with China, despite the benefits it has brought.

As Matthias Weidemüller, a physics professor at Heidelberg, said: “I have no information whatsoever on applications of quantum technologies in the defense or military sector, neither in Europe, the U.S. or China.” However, “It goes against my personal ethics to be involved directly or indirectly in any such kind of activities.”

Prof. Dr. Matthias Weidemüller – Physical Institute University of Heidelberg

Communist China’s ambitions to rule the world have been clearly evident from the Belt and Road initiative and Made in China 2025 and so on. Should scientists find out their research were used to assist Xinjiang concentration camps or to put their own citizens under constant surveillance, they would lose sleep for the blatant violation of their personal moral standards.

Although the United States is now waking up and using legislation to restrict the export of new high-techs, being scientists, you should start paying attention to what is happening around you. Don’t be complacent.

We are in a silent war now. This is a war between totalitarianism and democracy, a war between enslavement and freedom, and a war between the evil and the good. It is a live or death struggle. No one can be a bystander especially in this interlacing time with both science and humanity.

If not careful, we will unknowingly fall into a trap and cannot be extricated. Stop saying ‘I know nothing about politics’ and continue immersed in research and isolating from society. That is irresponsible.

Please stop turning a blind eye to the fact that Communist China has been playing the evil twin who wants to use technologies to rule the world.

In conclusion, all the scientists have to work together to improve the human lives but at the same time, we have to clearly know who our real partners are and what is lurking behind.

Scientists actually play a pivotal role in this fast growing, technology-centric century. Ignorance is no longer an excuse in this highly interconnected era. We need to take on our social responsibilities and let our hard works and inventions stay with the right people and be put to good use for human lives.

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