Friendly Fire: Police Pepper-Sprayed a Masked Undercover Officer Until the Warrant Card was Shown

On January 5, a plainclothes officer wearing facemask was on the receiving end of multiple pepper sprays; he was visibly in pain. His colleagues kept on spraying him even he yelled, “I’m one of you.”

The riot police stopped spraying him only when he finally showed his warrant card. He was later helped away from the scene by two other officers, who were similarly dressed, with full-face coverings.

Editor’s note: Some netizens commented that this is the result of the police displaying warrant cards. They end up shooting themselves in their feet, and they get to experience their very own minimal and proportionate use of force.

Photo credit: CUHK Campus Radio

Video available from Apple Daily:

Contributor: GM02

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Jan. 07, 2020