Jan 5, Highlights of Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast

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4:08-We encourage all musical talents to compose a theme song for the Exposè Revolution. It must contain elements of traditional Chinese instruments as well as elements of western music such as rock music: we want to show acceptance of all cultures and do away with nationalism and/or regional discrimination.

5:25-We must remind ourselves of the importance of Chinese culture and be proud of our traditions: the Chinese culture is an important part of human civilization.

5:35-We should do away with hypocrites like Ai Weiwei who not only is not a real artist but also works for the CCP while pretending to be a human rights/democracy activist. 

7:29-The three kinds of building structures: religious, political and financial. The essence of all buildings, however, are to capture and represent the core values of human civilization and culture.

11:35-The CCP, seeing that the economy is falling apart, has ordered its propaganda machine to try to lure private entrepreneurs into believing in the party again. But all of this is nothing more than a masked attempt to juice out whatever is left of the private enterprises so that they can use companies like the HNA group to amass a fortune for the kleptocrats.

Part of the SME propaganda from CCP

18:06-Don’t ever trust the communists: fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, fool me thrice, a fool can’t get fooled again. 

19:08-Miles said that he’s going to make a couple of speeches in San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles and in these speeches he is going to talk about his outlook for 2020 and what 2020 might mean for China and for the world.

22:00-During the Great Leap Forward in 1958-1960, about 45 million people in China were starved to death due to shortages of food, the historical backgrounds of the time period has returned to China today and Miles worries that history might soon repeat itself. 

30:00-The reason that Miles is taking up lawsuits and speaking out against the CCP’s fake democratic agents is that he no longer wants the Chinese people to be misrepresented by them. He encourages the Chinese people to speak up and to show the world who we really are. Moreover, all of these hypocrites have these things in common: they all hate President Trump, they are all anti-HK movement, they all hate American values, and they all hate the Exposè Revolution. The days of their reign is over, Miles and the Exposè Revolution will do everything in our power to stop them from damaging the reputation of the Chinese people.

35:00-The recent attacks and betrayals suffered by the Exposè Revolution is as a result of the CCP’s realization of how powerful of an enemy we have become for them: Miles and the Exposè Revolution will not give up, we will carry on until the day that the CCP is fully exterminated from the face of the earth.

39:00-Anyone who wishes to scam donations in the name of HK, Xinjiang, or Tibet will suffer the persecution of law to the fullest extent.

43:30-Miles warned that if the U.S. does not investigate the take actions against CCP spies like Wei shi or Bruno Wu, then it will be in big troubles.

Bruno Wu and Lan Yang(Yang is the lover of CCP’s MSS head Meng Jianzhu)

47:40-The Exposè Revolution seeks nothing more than the extermination of the CCP. 

51:20-The HK people are proud people, they have asked Miles to make it clear that HK does not need donations from anybody but the HK people themselves, they have not accepted any outside donations in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

53:40-The IP Man 4 is a movie used by the CCP to stir up hate amongst the Chinese people against the West, a plot by the CCP to shed itself of responsibilities and point fingers at the West.

59:40-Miles said that he is going to CA to make a couple of secret speeches in an effort to push forward legislation that will help exterminate the CCP, he will report again once he is done with that.

1:04:50-Miles has been the most attacked individual in the US in terms of lawsuits, defamation, and cyber attack in the past three years. It is a miracle that the Exposè Revolution persisted until today. Despite the hardships, we will not give up, not until the CCP is fully exterminated! 

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Jan. 06, 2020