Turnout for 2020 New Year’s March Higher Than 1.03 Million

The New Year March, the first protest in 2020, was forcefully called off by the police on the first day of the new year, despite the letter of no objection issued by the authorities.

The organizer Civil Human Rights Front announced that the turnout was higher than the June 9 March, the protest which was attended by at least 1.03 million people that kicked off the entire pro-democracy movement since then.

After the movement has been going on for more than half a year, the message sent to the authorities by over 1.03 million participants of the pro-democracy protest is clear. It is noteworthy that the turnout could reach a much higher number if the police did not have fired tear gas grenades without warning and terminated the march.

The organizer condemned Police Commissioner Chris Ping-Keung Tang for his indifference to civilians’ lives and safety, for ordering over 1 million people to disperse in less than an hour.


Source: Guardians of Hong Kong

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Jan. 01, 2020