Hikvision Employee Committed Suicide, Real Reason Blocked

Author: VOG-Y & VOG-L

On the morning of December 30, 2019, China time, a Hikvision employee committed suicide by jumping from the Hangzhou headquarters building in the Technical Support Department of the International Marketing Center.

The official response was: “Suicide by falling from a building. Suspected to be caused by depression by initial assessment, excluding a formal case, the conclusion by Public Security shall prevail.”

At the same time, Hikvision would like employees who encounter psychological distress to please contact Human Resources in a timely manner. But in fact, HR usually offers no help. Here is what the netizens say.

Another Hikvision employee’s response.

From the exposed message, we can see that, lost one employee doesn’t matter to the company. Hikvision still stresses the employees to work overtime. The only difference is that they ‘half-shut’ the window so you can’t jump out again!


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Jan. 01, 2020