Beautiful Xinjian – CNazi’s Concentration Camp

Author: Sophie

Xinjian occupies one-sixth of China’s territory, which is six times the size of France. There are 13 main ethnic groups in Xinjiang.  The sixth national census showed Xinjiang has a population of 21.697 million, of which 45.8% were Uyghurs, 40.47% were Hans, 6.5% were Kazakhs, and 4.51% were Huis. The non-Han ethnic groups, account for more than 50% of Xinjiang population, are Muslims. 

Figure 1. Map of Xinjiang (red) and China (light yellow)

Xinjiang is well known for its abundant and even colorful natural resources such as oil, cotton, tomato, copper, and iron. Xinjiang’s geographic feature, which consists of two basins between three mountains, is also world famous. The Altai Mountains, the Tianshan Mountains, and the Kunlun Mountains are rich in mineral and precious metal deposits, while the Junggar and the Tarim basins, like 2 ‘treasure bowels’, have bountiful of oil.  

Figure 2. Karamay Oilfield

Wang Lequan had been in power in Xinjiang for 19 years. Guanghui Group and Hualing Group, the most prosperous groups in Xinjiang, belonged fellow people from ShanDong province. At that time, Wang Lequan was called “a good son of Shan Dong but a bad thief of Xinjiang.” His group has owned private oilfields. Besides those small- and middle- sized ones, the bigger oilfields he owned included Karamay oilfield, Tarim oilfield, and Tuha oilfield. 

Since the completion of the LanXin Railway (Lanzhou-Urumqi) in 1962, the Lanzhou-Jiayuguan-Hami-Turpan-Urumqi Railway has become the artery connecting Xinjiang and China Mainland. A steady stream of crude oil has flowed to the mainland. Do you know how many barrels of oil were shipped from Xinjiang to the mainland? On average, one oil-tank-car train passes every few minutes, and there are about 60 oil tank cars in one train, loaded with 5,500 tons of oil. It’s been going on 24/7 for years. How many years have been doing this? You can do the math.

However, let’s take a look at native people’s lives in south Xinjiang. They live in houses have nothing but walls.  If you have been to Xinjiang, please don’t limit yourself in large markets in Urumqi or HeTian. You should go to Kashgar, Aksu, HeTian, and Kizilsu Kirgiz County. The people at these areas live in ragged houses made of mud and stones and there is only one pot in the house. . . The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has aggressively plundered the wealth of the native people of Xinjiang. If you still have no idea, you only need to look at people’s rich lives in Arabic oil countries.  The amount of wealth in oil stolen from Xinjiang will be able to build gilded houses and pave roads with gems. 

Figure 3. An example of a ragged Xinjiang house.

Xinjiang produces top quality cotton. Cotton planting is the job of the Production and Construction Corps. These were either discharged soldiers after the invasion of Xinjiang or released prisoners from Labor Reform camps. In addition, there were also young men who were lured to join the military and move to Xinjiang. Eight thousand young women were relocated from Hunan to pair with the soldiers. That… is another topic.

These groups work and live under semi-military organizations. The made minimal incomes. They cultivated wild land all year round and all the crops were turned in. Compared to local farmers who can trade freely, they can’t.   

In the cotton harvest season, all the regiments set up check points to prevent cotton smuggling. This is because the market price is much better than what the government would pay.  The high-quality cotton in Xinjiang is controlled by China Cotton Group, which purchases them in bulk and made huge profit. This reminds people what the Southern plantations were before the Civil War. 

Because of Xinjiang’s unique climate with 16-hour sunshine during summer days, Xinjiang produces high-quality tomatoes. Vast quantity of tomato sauce was sold to Russia in the west and Qinhuangdao in the east, then shipped all over the world. Not mentioning the beautiful scenery – the Kanas Lake is the last clean piece of land and gorgeous Yili Grassland, often compared to Swiss country side.  

People in Xinjiang have lived off the fertile land peacefully and affluently. Uyghurs is a people of songs and dances. They are devoted Muslims. People of faith here are different from the Hans. They are honest, keep their words, and they do not lie. The Hans in Urumqi like to buy Halal meats from Uyghurs because they don’t cheat on the scale and the meats are always fresh.

Uyghurs are very gentle, accommodating, open-minded, and tolerant. They are not combatants. They are always enthusiastic, humorous, and don’t take themselves too seriously. They have lived in harmony with other ethnic groups. They have done that with beautiful singing and dancing, melodious Dutar sound, delicious cakes and toasted lamb skewers, sweet fruits, and their faith to befriend the world.

Since the 1950’s, the CCP has brought one disaster after another to Xinjiang. It started with Wang Zhen who slaughtered Uyghur people by the villages. Then Wang Lequan robbed the wealth and resources of Xinjiang. Recently Chen QuanGuo’s iron fist governing in Xinjiang brought genocide to Xinjiang. What has the CCP done to Xinjiang? CCP has became the Nazi of the 21st century by building high tech concentration camps and turned Xinjiang into nothing but a living hell.

Figure 4. A Xinjiang concentration camp

Unnatural deaths among the Muslins occur every week now. People released from the concentration camps would often die within weeks. Needle holes from unknown injections can be seen on their bodies. It is well known that the police need to arrest Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and Huis to meet pre-set quotas.  

Those young Muslims studying abroad would be arrested and put into concentration camps immediately after they returned to Xinjiang.

Some families were forced to send children to orphanages and the rest to the concentration camps.

Armed policemen in the south Xinjiang often went to search door to door. When they saw women in Hijab, they would deliberately try to remove their covers. One husband tried to stop them and the armed police shot the family of 5. Yet this was reported as the armed police killed five terrorists!

Not only they arrest drifters or small shop owners to the camps. The CCP sent Uyghur and Kazakh scholars, professors, doctors, artists, singers, authors, even party reporters to the concentration camps. 

The Hui people were also put into concentration camps. They were forced to remove holy Qur’an characters and paintings in their homes before they were sent to concentration camps.

The CCP installed tens cameras outside the mosques. Those who intended to worship in the mosque were sent to concentration camps.

If your Chinese passport was renewed at the Chinese Embassy overseas, you will be sent into the concentration camp because you did not notify the local police station.

If you took the same train with the arrested, you would also be sent to the concentration camp.

Your uncle went to Australia 10 years ago and never contacted your family since. Your family would be arrested and sent to a concentration camp.

Among those arrested, there were 80-year-old elders, dying diabetic patients, breast-feeding women, and 16- and 17-year-old teenagers.

A low-level Uyghur government worker was sent to a concentration camp. He was falsely accused of surfing a foreign website AT HOME even he was actually at work that day.

Three generations of one family were arrested and locked up in a concentration camp one after another but without knowing they were all in the camp. These arrestees often did not know what crimes they had committed!

Armed Chinese soldiers march on patrol as a Uighur man crosses the street in Urumqi on July 15, 2009 in northwest China’s Xinjiang province. Security remains tight in Urumqi’s Muslim Uighur district 10 days after the worst ethnic violence China has seen in decades since unrest broke out on July 5 as riot police maintained their presence and kept control of the area’s main bazaar, which they have commandeered as a base. AFP PHOTO/Frederic J. BROWN (Photo credit should read FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

 Figure 5 On July 15, The CCP’s Armed Police patrolling the urban area of ​​Urumqi, source : Epoch Times

Don’t ask me how I knew these. I am a survivor who escaped from the Xinjiang concentration camp. I have been falsely accused and locked up in a concentration camp in my so-called “home country”. The number may be off but more or less, there are 2 million Muslims like me.  The electrified fence, prison uniform, electric baton, steel barricades. . . 

What a “vocational skills training center” it is! There is no way to sugar coat the evil deeds by the devils.  Forgive me for not being able to describe my 700 days in hell. . . 

I survive, crawling out of the hell! When I opened my eyes, I saw that people were blindfolded and sang and danced around hell. Xinjiang people were deceived, Chinese people were deceived, and the world was deceived! You never know who will be pushed into inferno next minute.

Anne Frank, the Jewish girl, left her diary under Nazi occupation in 1942. Anne, you awakened the world with your diary and your life. Yet seventy-six years later, the Nazi returns —the C’Nazi! This Chinese communist Nazi has grabbed Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and Tibet. They are in mainland China, and are spreading all over the world.

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