Time Magazine Yields to Beijing: person of the year

Time magazine of the United States selected as the “Character of the Year” in 2019. Sweden’s 16-year-old environmental girl Greta Thunberg defeated Hong Kong demonstrators and became the character of the year. Donald Trump Jr. By bombarding Time with Twitter, criticizing the magazine ’s editors for not choosing Hong Kong protesters for democracy and freedom, “How dare you?”

“How dare you?” In fact, Sangberg recently criticized the persuasive classic speeches of leaders at the United Nations Climate Summit. However, Time Magazine did not choose to support the spiritual value of Hong Kong people for democracy and freedom. Instead, they chose to be used by others. What is the reason for being a vase girl in marketing?

I’m afraid I have to mention the sale of Time in 2018, the old news magazine Time in 2018, which was sold by media group Meredith to the co-founder of cloud computing company Salesforce Marc Benioff and him Wife, the transaction price is 190 million US dollars.

Salesforce and Alibaba Group reach exclusive cooperation to expand the Chinese market

Salesforce is a network company that provides on-demand customer relationship management services and is the world’s largest CRM software service provider. In July 2019, Salesforce announced that it would reach an exclusive cooperation with Chinese technology giant Alibaba to open its CRM platform to customers in Greater China to provide various services and seize the Asian market. Salesforce stated in the statement that Alibaba will become the exclusive supplier of Salesforce’s corporate customers in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and Alibaba will also only sell Salesforce’s enterprise CRM software. In the future, Salesforce’s sales cloud, service cloud, commercial cloud, and Salesforce platform will all be integrated into Alibaba Cloud.

From this, it can be seen that Salesforce, the boss behind Time, is cooperating with the CCP white glove Alibaba Group to enter the Chinese market. It is not surprising that Salesforce cooperated with the CCP to conduct self-censorship.

Reference: Free Times Today News


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Dec. 12, 2019