[China]Local Government Buried Road-Collapse Victims Alive

This is subsequent news of the Road Collapse in Guangdong. On Dec 1st, in Guangzhou City, the road near Shahe Railway Station collapsed. Three people trapped inside.

The local government didn’t rescue the victims, instead, it buried concrete into the hole while the trapped three people were alive!

Yuni, the wife of a victim of the Road Collapse, called for the public’s help on social media that her father and husband were buried in concrete directly by the local government. Unfortunately, the information and relevant media accounts were deleted promptly.

The screenshot shows that Yuni’s post is censored. “Sorry, wrong address or page doesn’t exist.”

Here is the translation of Yuni’s message:

Hello everyone, I am the wife of Shi Weike(Note: one victim) and my name is Yuni.

At 9:30 on December 1, 2019, the road near Shahe Railway Station collapsed suddenly and my father Shiyi and husband Shi Weike were trapped inside. They were in danger.

I hurried to the scene once I got the grievous news at about 11:00. I found out that the local officials didn’t take any rescue measures. They prevented me from approaching the scene and just forcing me to wait all the time. The working staff began to fill the big hole with concrete at 12:00, which killed the opportunity that they should have survived thoroughly!

We requested them to stop filling the collapse and rescue the trapped people first, but they refused, intercepted us and injured some of us. I am just a girl and no matter what I did nearly nothing can I change in front of them. Finally, they detained us in a hotel.

My husband and I were going to have a wedding. We had our baby born a month ago. My father and husband lost the chance to hear “grandpa” and “daddy” from the cute baby. Can you imagine how evil the government is!!!!

Please, friends and relatives, help me spread the truth …

The Victim’s photo before he was buried!

The three people trapped inside the collapse are still ‘missing’ according to Guangdong’s official announcement till now.

Author: DDL
Source digger: GM22
Editor: GM09

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