Hunter Biden’s Mysterious Deal With Obama

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GnewsTaiwan: 10/26/2020
Author: Himalaya Taiwan Farm Wendan
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The photo above was released by the LUDE Media, the secrets of the Oval Office inside the White House, the most security administrative facility in the United States. This photo and video came out from this place and what this photo allows all Americans to understand is that the White House is vulnerable. There are traitors and spies in the White House. What is wrong with current American politics? What is more unexpected? The photographer of the photos and videos is Joe Biden, the candidate who is now going to be likely elected president of the United States. A group of evil families provided the news on the hard disk.

This photo from the video was recorded on April 4, 2016. On April 1, 2016, it was the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP, leader Xi Jinping who went to the United States to participate in the nuclear security summit, the evil conspiracy discussed at this time; this video really made the U.S. default to the militarization of the South China Sea as long as Biden and Obama by accepting this $1 billion from CCP. This deal completely sold out the interests of the American people and the people of other countries. and in the meantime, more projects were also being negotiated. The CCP used its power to seek more interests and longer-term rights and undermined the US democratic system seriously.

This photo and video can also show the serious flaws of the White House security team. It uses the world’s strongest technology as a private security company to operate its more illegal interests. As a national leader, Obama sold the power of the leader as a commodity. This circumstance surpasses everyone’s imagination, but this is the “fact”!!!, It is hoped that everyone can face this reality.  It is hoped that everyone can face these evils bravely and let the evil group be punished when the truth is revealed.

This circumstance helps develop a deeper understanding of the CCP. The CCP is both rich and evil, there is nothing it dares not buy, there is nothing it dares not to do, there is nothing it dare not to sell. The CCP has no laws, no truth, and no moral civilization. Therefore, under this system, those in power in the CCP need to use more extreme methods to protect its own power. It uses power, money and sex to trade, and uses all evil means, because under this system, if it loses,  families will die and it will erase all  records , as if certain people and organizations never existed. Only to disintegrate the CCP and the evil system can people have peace. What are you working hard for???, just for “peace”, spread the truth!!!, spread the truth if you can be safe!!!, you A small act will bring real peace to your future.

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8 months ago

take down the most evil ccp


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