Will the Appointment of Justice Coney-Barrett Decide Biden’s Fate?

Author: UCool & Liberte (Toronto Himalaya Farm)

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With one week left in the U.S. election, two major events are taking place that are greatly influencing the direction of the United States. The first is that the Biden family is being exposed as a long-time target of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) BGY strategy. The evidence of the Biden family’s corruption is raging like a fire in the online world (at least on alternative media sites and on un-censored social media platforms). The second event is President Trump’s nomination of an exceptionally well qualified, conservative a religious, female judge to the U.S. Supreme Court.  After hearings and a vote in the U.S. Senate she was officially sworn-in on the evening of October 26.

As the presidential election approaches, it is very important to reveal the truth about the Biden family’s collusion with the CCP to the American people. The reason is that, for decades, the Biden family and the evil forces behind them have manipulated mainstream American public opinion and media, deceiving American society and this is causing many Americans to now vote for Joe Biden without knowing the truth. If Joe Biden becomes President, he will turn the United States into a socialist state, where the rulers benefit and the common people become slaves, just as the Chinese people are under the CCP.

Not only did the Obama/Biden families and their associates do nothing for the people while in office, they sold the secrets, technology, and jobs of the United States to the CCP in exchange for their own monetary rewards. Joe Biden secretly handed over the list of intelligence officers that the United States had built up in China over the years. As a result, 36 CIA official agents and more than 30 informal agents were brutally killed by the CCP. The Obama/Biden administration also traded U.S. national interests with the CCP, signed huge business contracts, and received huge bribes.

For example, as revealed GTV and GNEWS, there was dirty deal in which the U.S. government led by Joe Biden acquiesced to the CCP’s militarization of the South China Sea in exchange for $1 billion.

The continuous disclosure of obscene videos and photos of Hunter Biden has had an impact on Joe Biden’s follower. The suggestions of family incest, group sex with minors and promiscuity, which violate the boundaries of human decency for most people, have caused Americans to be shocked and consider if they want to vote for such a seemingly rotten family.

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Rule of law lies at the foundation of the United States, and it is the main reason why the United States is the pinnacle of world civilization and the most powerful nation in the world. The U.S. Constitution and the Supreme Court are the guardians of American society, with the Supreme Court often handing down important rulings at key moments in time, and influencing the United States for decades. In 2000, for example, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of George W. Bush over Al Gore during the controversy over the national election.

As a result, the votes of the nine Supreme Court justices are extremely important, and on October 26, President Trump’s nominee Amy Coney Barrett was formally inaugurated after several rounds of voting, giving the Supreme Court six conservative justices who represent traditional American values, a 6:3 ratio with liberal justices. Even if justice Roberts, a conservative justice who has become a swing vote in recent years, shifts to the progressive side on certain issues, conservatives still command a 5:4 majority. This pattern will have a tremendous beneficial impact on the lives of generations of Americans, now and in the future.

In the dispute over the extension of the mail-in ballot date proposed by the swing state of Wisconsin, the Supreme Court upheld, with a vote of 5-4, the Seventh Court of Appeals’ decision to deny the extension. This ruling will limit a Democratic (assisted by the CCP) scheme to use mail-in ballots received after the official election date of Nov 3rd to manipulate ballots and keep counting until Biden achieves a majority. This ruling will also affect lawsuits on similar issues in other swing states. Justice Barrett is only 48 years old, and considering the lifetime tenure of Justices, it is conceivable that she will play an important role in restoring and enhancing traditional American values in the future.

In summary, current events are exposing how the Biden family was caught in the CCP’s BGY plan and has revealed the truth about Joe Biden’s lies and duplicity. Will it be enough to push undecided voters, and perhaps some swing voters, to choose President Trump? If there are voting irregularities the election of Justice Barrett to the Supreme Court will play a positive role in ensuring that American voters’ will is respected. These events are not just about the US presidential election, but also a battle between good and evil which will determine whether the World lives in peace in freedom.

Link: https://test.gnews.org/zh-hans/467057/

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