Bidens Involved in Attacking Miles Guo – New Emails Released from the Laptop from Hell

Author: The Confused

Today, and just released yet another wave of bombshell materials retrieved from the infamous Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell.  

One of them (  is a photo of an Apple laptop screen with an email thread. On the display, an article titled “China’s Hunt for Critic Guo Wengui Roils U.S.” was sent from “ Editors” to a “Bob Fenet,” dated 10/22/2017 at 8:14:11 PM CDT. Two days later on 10/24/2017 at 8:15:11 PM EDT, “Bob Fenet” forwarded the article to Jim Biden with just one sentence: “What does this do to the situation.”  Then, Jim Biden forwarded the thread to Robert Biden within hours.  

While one can only speculate what stories are behind these emails, it is natural to raise questions.  Why would the Biden family members be so engaged in a matter involving Mr. Miles Guo? Why did “WSJ Editors” send a presumably unpublished article to “Bob”? Rolling back the clock, October 2017 marks the peak of a massive and vicious defamation campaign organized by the Chinese Communist Party against Mr. Miles Guo. Why did the families of the former veep take such a special interest in this article?  Furthermore, who is Bob Fenet? How was he involved? …  As far as I know, WSJ did not publish an article with that specific title listed in the above email. Then what happened?  All these questions raised can only be answered by Bob and the Bidens themselves, but before they do so, a lot more questions will be raised for sure.

It is important to note that the exclusive materials are being released from two social media sites, GTV and GNEWS.  Both are not well-known among English speakers.  But they are famous among the Chinese around the globe.  Since October 23, and have exclusively released many videos, photos, text messages, legal documents, and other materials from #LaptopFromHell, including images showing Hunter Biden engaging in sexual conducts with unknown individuals. On 10/24/2020, GTV released photos of a signed loan contract between Hunter Biden and some Chinese lenders, indicating a potential corruption case against the Bidens. 

The purpose of these leaks, according to sources close to the two social media platforms, is to provide evidence to American people that the Biden family is a real national security threat to the United States. So far, the two platforms have proved to be exceptionally successful and have lived up to their promises.  On GTV alone, for example, through its smooth and intuitive interface on mobile devices, Mr. Miles Guo has conducted hundreds of hours of live broadcasts since May 2020; his followers commonly believe that the Big Techs (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube) would not allow Mr. Guo to do the same, let alone other mainstream media.  The materials retrieved from Biden’s Laptop from Hell and released exclusively by GTV and GNEWS have generated huge media splashes across the globe. One can only guess what they would release next.

It is also important to know that both GNEWS and GTV are media platforms associated with the Chinese Whistleblower Movement and its leader Miles Guo. According to Miles Guo, he created both because he had been banned from other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and for him, his followers, and anyone else to  speak freely and to expose the truth about the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its accomplices in the US and around the world. You can find more exclusive and constantly updating content by visiting the following sites: and  Both have apps for smart phones with smoother and more features than the website. (In Apple’s AppStore, search G-TV by Saraca Media Group Inc.)

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5 months ago

joe.biden strikes the forces of justice; he must go to the hell

We Are America
5 months ago

Biden Documents Suddenly Vanish

5 months ago

I never realized how deep the corruption was with the Biden family. They are no different than the average Hollywood celebrity or swamp-creature CEO.

I pray that Americans realize this on election day!

5 months ago

Any chance this is involved with USAID contracts, involved in Haiti with Clintons?

5 months ago

Drain the swamp



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