A selection of dictations for the Mr. Mask program(27/10/2020)

Translator: Antsee
Picture by: Truemanman
The time of live:27/10/2020

The CCP has always following the same strategies for the countries along the One Belt And One Road route, making them kidnapped and cheated. Since then all these countries will stand with the U.S. and face towards the CCP together.

The CCP already has a strategy for dealing with the United States. Once Americans dare to take actions on the CCP, they will blow up the U.S.’s financial system soon. They assume that, if the financial system collapses, Americans will be in chaos.
How does the U.S. government smash their plan? Firstly, the United States should make the CCP use Treasury bonds as the collaterals in trade. Most importantly, the United States has no choice but to take down the CCP and put an end to China’s kleptocracies. It’s the only hope for the Chinese and American people.

So after the election, President Trump will be bound to fire those officials collaborated with the CCP, such as those ones in the FBI or CIA, regroup them and launch a deadly attack on the CCP. Alternatively, the CCP will collapse before the United States’ action and eventually fall apart by the internal struggles.

The United States is appealing the WTO for it’s ruling that the U.S.’s tariffs on Chinese goods are inconsistent with the WTO rules. Has the WTO been compromised as well? All the forces colluded with the CCP’s BGY plan will come to the surface one by one.

The American people and the people all over the world have awakened. The righteous forces of the United States and the Whistleblowing Movement are holding together. We will not rest until the CCP is eliminated as well as our goals have been achieved. With the daily breaking information revealed on, the Whistleblowing Movement are rewriting and making history every day.

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