Joe Biden’s Plausible Deniability! Who Will Be the Scapegoat?


Hello audience: Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s former business partner at Tucker Carlson Tonight, exposed the fact that the former Vice President Joe Biden was 100% involved in multiple family business operations with the Chinese Community party.

Bobulinski once asked Jim Biden, Joe Biden’s brother, how his family is getting away scotfree, and whether they are concerned about getting caught. Jim Biden laughed a little and answered by saying “plausible deniability.”which basically means that the Bidens believe they are the powerful players at the top of the hierarchy, so if their misconduct is investigated, they will simple deny it and nothing will happen to them.

They believe it will be almost impossible for finding enough evidence to take them down, especially since they could simply use a third party as a scapegoat. Hunter Biden, do you think that you might be your father’s scapegoat in this “plausible deniability” plan? How does it feel to be sacrificed like a pawn?

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