Twitter, You Delete Your Own Future!

When we were young we learned that United States of America is usher in daylight when China enters night. However, it’s hardly to say from when, the United States and China had entered the dark ages at the same time. Yes, this is not science fiction, but reality. It just happens today, it happens at this moment, in the present where you and I are living.

Since the Second World War, the United States has always been a beacon of human progress and civilization. However, the CCP’s unrestricted warfare has caused the United States to deviate from the spirit established by the founding fathers and sages. Countless American politicians have been deeply blended with the CCP, betraying American’s benefit and exploiting the Chinese people. Mankind was once again pushed to the edge of the cliff by totalitarians.

The 2020 U.S. presidential election is less than ten days away, the evidence of serious corruption of the Biden family has long been verified, and the photos and videos of Hunter Biden’s sex scandals have been revealed on GTV one after another. Even judging from the revealed information, Joe Biden, who is a puppet has been completely manipulated by the CCP. Furthermore, the CCP’s hard drives contain more and more evil black materials of the Biden family. Obviously, this is not an election between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party of the United States, but an election between President Trump and the CCP’s agent, or a election between justice and evil.

In the Internet age, social media is not only a tool for entertainment, but also a missioner to convey the truth. With over 300 million users, Twitter has become an important source of global news, politics and editorials after more than a decade of development. However, just as people all over the world are eager for the truth about the corruption of the Biden family, the shameless Twitter once again stands on the side of evil, madly deleting the Twitter accounts of the justice warriors of the New Federal State of China, it vainly attempted to cover up the eyes and ears of people all over the world by its giant hand.

In fact, Twitter has been in the quagmire of economic losses since its establishment in 2006, although it has attracted a lot of attention. In 2016, it was reported that Twitter had many operational difficulties, such as stagnate user growth, weak advertising sales, hundreds of millions of dollars in losses every year and seeking to sell. In 2017, since Mr. Miles GUO announced to establish the whistleblower movement organization, Twitter has ushered a boom in the Chinese language world. Mr. Guo and his fellows of the whistleblower movement organization have also brought more potential business opportunities to twitter, however, twitter betrayed itself, its justice is controlled by the CCP’s advertisers, and most of the shares were held by the companies with CCP-funded backgrounds, it is gradually becoming an invisible tool of the CCP’s external propaganda. As a result, the earnings report of the second quarter of Twitter in 2020 showed that it lost over $1.228 billion.

In this era of competition, it only takes more than ten years for Apple to go from the brink of bankruptcy to today as rich as Croesus, and it only takes 22 years for Yahoo from a giant tech to today the verge of bankruptcy. Then how long can Twitter last? Even from a purely commercial perspective, Twitter has only one way to survive: to cooperate with the whistleblower movement organization and New Federal State of China, to take down the CCP, and to overthrow the Great Firewall. Please bear in mind that, there are over 1 billion WeChat users and 500 million Weibo active users. By that time, these truth-seeking Chinese will embrace Twitter and it will make great progress; however, Twitter is so short-sighted and give this last straw to other platforms such as Parler, Gab and GTV.

Today, the history will remember these moments:

  • On 26th April, 2017, Twitter deleted the account of Mr. Guo Wengui;
  • On 31th May, 2019, Mr. Lude and other fellows’ accounts was deleted by twitter through its mass bans;
  • On 15th September, 2020, Twitter deleted the account of Dr. Limeng Yan which only opened for one day;
  • On 25th October, 2020, Twitter bloody slaughtered the accounts of Mr. Lude and other fellows’ accounts again.

When twitter obliterates its conscience, it is not far away from death. 

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7 months ago

Twitter is killing itself


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