A divided world we are in now


Every time when Trump goes for a rally, a familial song will play “God bless USA”, Everyone will sing along “I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free” “from the lakes of Minnesota to the hills of Tennessee, Across the plains of Texas from sea to shining sea, from Detroit down to Houston and New York to L.A, where’s pride in every American heart.” As the most powerful country in the world, the America is being divided badly.

“No one Dem voted for Amy Coney Barrett that is shameful, perfect example that the DEMS created the divided we see in America today!”Trump’s tweeted this after Amy was sworn in as associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States on October 26, 2020, in the White House. What make all Dem choose to veto is not because of her the qualifications or experience, but because of the worst criminal activities they have been involved in. These crimes will be covered anymore.

If you pay GTV.org a visit, you will find a totally different America: Biden’s family sold CIA Chinese informants to the CCP , sold restricted U.S military technology to the CCP, acquiesced in CCP’s construction of military base in the south sea china for $USD 1 billion.

Apart from these dirty treasonable deals, people will be shocked to see Biden family’s numerous sex videos and photos, drug-taking, sex, incest and Child abusing. The footages and photos reveal that Hunter Biden had sex not only with Chinese celebrities, daughters of former president Obama, but also with underage girls.  

But Hunter’s crime does not stop there. More shameful crimes he has conducted previously will be exposed on GTV.org – the anti-CCP free social media platform in the following a couple of days . The intelligence said that there are nearly 600 million pages of the files stored in a total of 47 hard disks, which have been kept in FBI and CIA ‘s drawer since 2003.

Why neither FBI nor CIA conducted investigation to these crimes? At the current stage, only the criminal knows the answer.  

But the brutal reality of depraved U.S. politician has deeply shocked most of Americans. It has rotten so far, people now feel like they have lived in a unrealistic world in last decade.

27 October 2020 is the day four of the Grant Expose of crimes hidden in Hunter Biden’s Laptop launched by GTV.ORG on 24 October 2020. The Grant Expose has triggered big quakes on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Paler and Gab. But so far, GTV is still the only one media which provides the full coverage on this super-hot topic. Where are those Media Giants, why they choose to silent on it, why they refuse to provide coverage on it? How can Americans and the whole world get the truth when all journalists turned themselves into left-wing activists aiding and abetting criminals?

”We should know that, it is couple of days away to election, they cover the fact, and it is really scary”. An audience said that when interviewed by an online-polls reporter. That is how the big social divide happens – media Giants blind common people’ eyes and mislead their worldview.

The same thing is also happening in China. Chinese common people think that they are working hard to build a prosperous and powerful country, so that everyone will have a wealthy dignified life. But what they don’t know is that most of the wealth Chinese people have created goes to the top-level cadres’ private bank accounts. Those kleptocracy become richer and richer; and acquire more and more global companies. In the meantime, nearly 600 million Chinese people have annual income less than $200.

Thanks to the Whistleblowers Movement, people get the chance to see the truth. Or else, Americans won’t be able to understand why USA keep falling, why Americans keep losing their jobs, why Chinese people being so poor.

Whistleblowers Movement is now unfolding the biggest political scandal in the history. Readers, please be patient about all the porn photos and videos released in the last four days, since these porn photos and videos are the hard evidence to slam the faces of all liars. The dark empire has now been shaken with fear. When the light of truth come to the world, the darkness of lies will be gone.

All freedom loving people, we need to be united to stand strong and fight back against the evil and claim back the good world. We do this not only for ourselves but also for the next generation and generations to come.

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