Real Stories Behind A Real Photo From Hard Drivers of The Hell

Wenya Himalaya ( from Himalaya Australia Athena Farm)

➠ When was this photo taken?

Apr 4th, 2016, 3 days after Chinese Communist Party’s general secretary Xi Jinping visited Washington D.C. and attended the Fourth Nuclear Security Summit.   

➠ Where was it in the photo?

The oval office in the White House of the United States Government.

➠ Who are they?

Hunter Biden, the son of the Democracy candidate of 2020 president Joe Biden, and the pre-president Barack Obama.

➠ Why was Hunter Biden like a boss talking to Mr. Obama?


➠ Who took the photo?

It’s from a surveillance video with face recognition, from Vice President Joe Biden.

➠ Who keeps this photo and video?

At least Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.

➠ Why did they take and keep the video/ photo?


➠ What were they talking about? 

One of the schemes was Communist China to militarize the South China Sea without the interference from the U.S.

➠ What other schemes or plots were there?

➠ Who benefited from it?

➠ Who suffered from this?

➠ What’s the deals and intricate network behind? Who manipulated this? 

➠➠ How eventually did Chinese Communist Party control VP Joe Biden that controlled President Barack Obama that seemed to manage the United States government?

👉👉👉 Please stay tuned to the bombshell news of the Hard Drivers from Hell with our doctor fighters, other warriors of the whistleblower movement in Lude Media.

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8 months ago

take down the ccp, God bless the kind people

8 months ago

take down the most evil ccp


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