To Vote for Joe Biden is to Vote for the CCP

Himalaya Farm Canada Dawn

To Vote for Joe Biden is to Vote for the CCP
Himalaya Farm Canada Dawn

Some of you may be shocked by the salacious video and photos of Hunter Biden going viral on social media such as,, Twitter, Parler in the past few days from the “hard disk from the hell” and wonder what significance they have.

According to Lude, a key member of the Whistleblower Movement led by Mr. Miles Guo and the host of Lude Media which broadcast live twice daily on YouTube to expose the nefarious plan and deeds of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to dominate the entire world, the sex videos and photos of Hunter released so far are carefully chosen from the overwhelming collections of tens of thousands of photos on the hard disk and are meaningful for the following reasons:
1) the locations, dates or people of the photos are related with certain business dealing he had with Chinese Communist Party. Some of those photos are selfies by Hunters and others are secretly taken by Chinese surveillance camera without his knowledge.
2) Some of Hunter’s sex partners in the photos are obviously from Biden family such as his sister-in-law, Hallie Biden. Some source says that sex also involved his underage family member.
3) Hunter is a drug addict as shown in the released videos and photos.

Also exposed on the social media are the details of business contracts worth millions of dollars and large loan contract of Biden family with Chinese business entities as shown in the photos below.

Photo 1 above: An email revealing the relationships between Biden and Chinese business Entity during Xi Jinping’s visit to the US in 2015.

Photo 2 above: Wang Xin, the illegitimate daughter of one of the CCP top leaders, Wang QiShan, was emailing Hunter Biden directly for business deals to send him money.

Photo 3 above: June 30, 2017, Hunter Biden loan contract with BHR (Shanghai) Investment Fund Inc

Therefore we can clearly see that, on one hand, the CCP feeds millions of dollars to buy off Joe Biden over the past many years when he was the VP of the US up until now; on the other hand, the CCP holds the evidences of Biden family scandalous and incriminating sex (more sex video involving children un-released yet) and drug activities for the purpose of blackmail and coerce and control. Hunter is the bag man, and Joe Biden is the “big boss” as proven by the emails from his laptop according to Mr. Rudy Giuliani in a recent TV interview with War Room Pandemic.

As such, Joe Biden is owned and under the control of the CCP. To vote for Joe Biden is to vote for the CCP.

To imagine what US will become when it is under the control of the CCP, look no further than Hong Kong. Under the British common laws, after one hundred years of hard work by its people, Hong Kong has risen from a fishing village to the financial center of the world, the pearl of the east, then it was instantly crushed by the CCP and sank into a police state with prevailing fear and desperation, which is the epitome of life under the ruthless iron fist of the CCP. There will be no freedom of speech as Twitter and many US mainstream media have already been demonstrating by deleting dissents twitters and reporting fake news.

Therefore, if you are a patriot and freedom loving person, do your best to spread the news and expose the true identify of Joe Biden, an extremely corrupted politician under the CCP control. Those of you who have the voting power should vote like your life depends on it, because your life does depend on the result of this election.

1) All photos above are from Mr. Miles Guo Getter on
2) Lude Media: talking about the content of the Hunter Bioden’s sex video, photos and business contracts with the CCP

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8 months ago

take down the ccp, God bless the kind people

8 months ago

take down the most evil ccp


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