BGY – CCP’s Unrestricted Warfare Plan to Control the World (3) – BIDEN Family, the Perfect Puppet of CCP

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Author: 雪山 Translation: VOH Editor: 孔雀, 庚子灭共(文瑞)

Aware of its military and political disadvantage, the CCP sought “alternative forms of warfare” to effectively defeat the enemies, with tactics that collectively support its over-ranging national strategy in unrestricted warfare. BGY, abbreviated for Blue, Gold, Yellow, aims to hunt the Western dignitaries through information, money and sex bribery.

When the Vice President of the United States needed a family photo for media release, he made sure each family member was there to project a healthy and optimistic look fitting the American spirit. Smile. Click. Press. Joe BIDEN is a professional in front of the camera. What he hides from the camera is what truly matters. The BIDEN secrets, carefully kept from public, was in fact an open book to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and used as ammunitions for rivaling the United States.

The recently exposed ‘Hard Drive from Hell’ let out visual evidence on the BIDEN family members’ promiscuity, perversion, incestuous relationships, as well as sexual crimes towards underaged children. Recounts of BIDEN family members point at problems that date back in decades:

• Hunter BIDEN revealed to his brother in an email that he was a suffering soul.

• Hunter BIDEN implied on several occasions that during childhood he and his siblings were abused by his father Joe BIDEN.

• Hunter BIDEN’s sister Ashley BIDEN mentioned in her diary that Joe BIDEN bathed with her and assaulted her when she was a young child.

• Hunter BIDEN committed adultery with his sister-in-law while they were both in marriage.

• Photos show Hunter BIDEN having incestuous sex with his 14-year-old niece Natalie BIDEN.

• When Hunter BIDEN’s widowed sister-in-law found out that her lover and brother-in-law Hunter had an incestuous relationship with her underaged daughter, she complained to Joe BIDEN. But Joe BIDEN was indifferent and took no action in protecting his minor granddaughter.

The family under patriarch of Joe BIDEN, lacking in moral boundaries, should not be designated for power. However, it is precisely the moral decay of BIDEN that made him an ideal puppet to run for U.S. presidency on behalf of the CCP, his biggest source of campaign funding and provider for his family indulgence in money, sex, drugs and depravities they cannot normally access under the U.S. legal system. General Secretary of Chinese Communist Party XI Jinping expressed confidence to his politburo while addressing the “Ultimate Battle” around 2020 U.S. Presidential Election that BIDEN would be the president. For XI Jinping, the future of CCP will be secured by making BIDENs the first family in the United States.

Hunter BIDEN’s sexual inclination towards children bears influence from his father, but it has been facilitated, and meticulously documented by the CCP. Hunter BIDEN, like all what CCP calls the “useful idiots” of the West who are ready to be compromised for financial and carnal pleasures, is under all-time surveillance of the CCP. Visual evidence of him in sex with fashionable women like actress Mulan “Billion Fei”, and of him torturing underaged Chinese girls, arranged by the CCP, are to be used for imposing CCP power on U.S. geopolitical decisions by controlling the BIDEN family. In a nutshell, by encouraging Hunter BIDEN sticking his penis in all the wrong places, CCP inserts its ideology at the heart of U.S. politics.

The importance of revealing “Hard Drive from Hell” goes well beyond the BIDEN family life to inform that Americans’ interests are being sold in unimaginable ways. CCP has cast a global network to predate on BIDEN-like families, taking the United States as a primary target to rein in but not the last one. As the CCP BGY preys are interlocked around the world, a tsunami of evidence on global dark forces will occur. The BIDEN hard drive is just the first high wave to hit the shore.

BIDEN, in recess from his campaign, awaits instructions from Beijing on how to make the next round of lies, and he needs time for the CCP BGYed mainstream media networks to distort information and silence those who speak the truths.

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