Congratulations To Miles Guo on his latest single 《Fight For Hong Kong》. iTunes number one in many countries, creating another miracle

On October 25, 2020 (EST), Miles Guo’s latest single “Fight for Hong Kong” was released for the first time .It was produced by the G Music team, and within a few hours, it topped the charts in several countries on the mainstream music platform iTunes, once again creating another miracle in the history of global music.

Top 1 in Hong Kong iTunes

Screenshot on Oct. 25 @11pm (EST)

Top 1 in New Zealand iTunes

Screenshot on Oct. 25 @11pm (EST)

Top 1 in Hungary iTunes

Top 1 in Cambodia iTunes

Screenshot on Oct. 25 @11pm (EST)

Top 1 in Macau iTunes

Screenshot on Oct. 27 @2:36am (EST)

Top 1 in Bolivia iTunes

Top 2 in Singapore iTunes

Screenshot on Oct. 25 @11pm (EST)

Top 2 in Ghana iTunes

Screenshot on Oct. 25 @11pm (EST)

Apple Music:

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