Child Abuse, Molestation, Incest – Biden Family’s Tradition?

Author: Snow Mountain Translator: Professor

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Recently, Hunter Biden’s Laptop has made a hit. It revealed his extremely dissolute life and complicated relationships among his family members, from some released photos and videos, yesterday.

Let’s look into the details and analysis to outline a complete picture, here’s the bellist:

  • Hunter’s emails to his older brother showed he has a painful soul
  • Hunter left many hints that he was abused by Joe Biden in childhood. What kind of abuse would it be?
  • In the diary of Hunter’s younger sister, Ashley Biden, written down Joe Biden’s misbehavior when she shared a bath in her childhood.
  • Hunter committed adultery with his brother’s widow, while in marriage.
  • In the funeral of Beau Biden, the first son of Joe, Joe hugged and kissed the daughter-in-law, in an astonishing manner.
  • The photos showed Hunter Biden had incest sex with his 14-year-old niece Natalie Biden.
  • When the brother’s widow, also the Hunter’s secret lover, found him had an abnormal relation with her daughter Natalie, in youth. She complained to Joe. But, Joe neither concurred nor committed, didn’t take any action to protect his granddaughter.

Obviously, no normal ethics has appeared in the family, since Joe Biden. And a person’s values, shaped by the native family, are seldom to change. Many inexplicable behaviors of a person, are able to be found in the native family. Accordingly, Hunter Biden’s peculiar sexual addiction to children largely came from his native family, particular from Joe Biden.

Joe Biden, such a corrupt politician without normal family ethics, has been disguising himself as a traditional, faithful and family friendly person. He even outright lied in the presidential debate, facing and neglecting the witness. He has always been attempting to mislead the public, even the massive evidence is about to be revealed. However, the laptop is accessible now, showing a rotten, deformed family and an extremely corrupt politician. Such a family of incest, drugs, molestation, abuse, and bribery, betrays the American and colludes with the CCP. Such a person could never lead the U.S., could never lead a free world. EVERYONE MUST GO AND VOTE, don’t let such a nasty person have any chance to enter the White House.


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7 months ago

TRUMP 2020!!


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